Events The Carbon Consulting Company launches a new paradigm in corporate sustainability

The Carbon Consulting Company launches a new paradigm in corporate sustainability

2015 Jun 21

Sri Lanka’s leading provider of sustainability consulting services –The Carbon Consulting Company,

marked the World Environment Day 2015 by launching a new paradigm in the corporate sustainability.

The event was graced by Regional Representative of The CarbonNeutral Company Ms. Vivian Frost and

Sanith de S. Wijeyeratne CEO of The Carbon Consulting Company (CCC)  and other corporates who

champion a sustainable approach.

“The Carbon Consulting Company, was set up to provide companies and organisations in the region

access to world standard consulting and sustainability advisory services,” say CEO of The Carbon

Consulting Company (CCC) Sanith de S. Wijeyeratne. “As our name connotes, we were initially focused

on helping companies track and reduce their carbon emissions, and to also encourage companies to

make a positive impact by becoming certified asCarbon Neutral. However, we soon expanded our

consulting services to cover many other sustainability aspects such as water, biodiversity, waste and

energy. Throughout this process, we have been guided and encouraged by the advice and support of our

principal international partner, The CarbonNeutral Company of the UK. Today we find that many

companies are seeking to actively align the environmental and social sustainability initiatives to their own

broader corporate agendas. And CCC is proud to announce that it is now capable of helping clients

create such engagement opportunities though the robust and proven mechanism of carbon finance, with

the help of The CarbonNeutral Company’s innovative framework – Sustainable Impacts.


Introducing this new methodology to a gathering of corporate and sustainability leaders, the Regional

Representative of The CarbonNeutral Company Ms. Vivian Frost said “We have seen an increasing

interest from our clients in aligning their carbon management and environmental programmes with

additional business objectives, such as community development, stakeholder engagement and building

supply chain resilience. Our Sustainable Impacts framework is a way to articulate the additional benefits

that carbon finance projects deliver.  Carbon finance provides the measuring, monitoring and reporting

processes to ensure carbon emission reductions are delivered, and the Sustainable Impacts framework

evaluates the further sustainable development benefits for communities and the environment, such as

health and wellbeing, water stewardship, financial security and biodiversity protection. As I meet Carbon

Consulting Company’s clients throughout the country, I’m pleased to be able to introduce the concept of

Sustainable Impacts and explain the role it plays in their own carbon management programmes”.