Everything else.. 10 Things That Make You A Late 90’s Lankan Kid

10 Things That Make You A Late 90’s Lankan Kid

2016 Aug 24

Who says 90’s kids are a bore? These 21st century kids are all about technology and growing up, whereas us, we lived life a lot more differently than they or anyone did. Generation Y they call, those in between the transition from no technology to an evolved life where technology is of more importance than our daily meals.

Despite whatever said and done, I think we had a pretty good childhood. And I’m not talking actually going outside and playing a game of cricket rather than on our computers part, but more beautiful things that we experienced and were a part of our childhood that kids these days, will sadly have no idea of.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Let me know in the comments section below what memory of your childhood stands out the best and if we haven’t mentioned it on our list, feel free to let us know. Here’s to the 90’s!

  1. Tin Tin

tin tin

I remember never missing out an episode of Tin Tin. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it used to be telecasted at 8.00 am on the weekends on Sirasa. If you were as hard a die-hard Tin Tin fan as I was, chances are that you’ve probably watched the same episode over and over again.

It was only after a couple of years that I realised that our library had copies of the Tin Tin comic books. If you haven’t read them yet, you’ve got to check them out. It’s definitely a blast from the past!

  1. Metal Water Bottles

Wasn’t having a metal water bottle the coolest thing or what! Everyone had metal water bottles in middle grade. Just like they had those HP backpacks. Having a metal water bottle was ‘the thing’. Some who felt more badass than the rest used to go ahead and have their own hand made graffiti on it too (coins and safety pins were used in the making of said graffiti).

When thinking about it, it was actually pretty pointless. Although the health concerns of plastic were eliminated by the use of metal, but since we ended up damaging the bottle with massive vents to the point of no return, our parents just had to get us a new one even before the first term was over.

  1. Suura Pappa

suura pappa

Yet another beautiful childhood memory. Just like Tin Tin, Sura Pappa was an absolute hit. I think they showed this in the evenings and no matter what got in the way, I would run to my TV room couch and sit eagerly waiting for it to start. Again, the show was literally so popular among the kids that they’ve maybe re-telecasted each episode at least 10 times.

It took me a while to figure out that there the cartoon was based on their comic “Asterix”. Did you know that the Franco-Belgian comic magazine had its first issue out in 1959? Insane isn’t it!

  1. Elastic Chokers and Anklets

We were all over this in the 90’s weren’t we? And to think about it, it was everywhere. From those little stalls at the church feasts to ‘fancy shops’ every girl and woman seemed to be wearing these black plastic-elastic anklets. Chokers weren’t as ‘in style’ in Sri Lanka as much as it was around the world as the elastic-like-plastic anklets were.

Remember what I’m talking about? Every girl/woman wore them!

  1. Sooriya Arana

How can we leave this absolutely wonderful masterpiece out of this list? This movie was a part of our childhood. From the beautiful song ‘Iren Haden’ to everything about the movie, including the little (well he’s grown into quite a master piece too) was such a special part of our lives as kids.

If you are a Sri Lankan and are reading this and for some bizarre reason have not yet watched this godly movie, then I honestly don’t know why and how you call yourself a Sri Lankan. You clearly, do not deserve to be one.

  1. Beyblades

This was a phase, and not a good one. This was like a madness that overtook the boys back in school. Nothing would excite them more than to watch a spinning top dance across the floor deliriously. I must say, it was quite a skill though, I personally never got the hang of it. I remember boys bringing it to school and spinning it frantically.

Are they still a thing? Let me know in the comments below.

  1. Mobile Ice cream and bombaimotai

The Elephant house mobile Ice Cream bicycles with their nursery rhymes used to be our biggest excitement when we were little kids. Whenever I heard one in the distance, I would run to the top of our lane with some money eagerly waiting for the ice-cream man to ride down the lane. I sure wasn’t the only one, every little boy and girl down my neighbourhood would do the same. It was the same with the bombaimotai man and his bell. I used to love having bombaimotai sandwiched between those nice sheets. It’s sad that it’s not as common as they used to be anymore, at least in the cities that is.

  1. Justin Bieber

Need I give a description? I think I was in middle school when he debuted “Baby”, and oh my god, he really cast a spell on what seemed like 99% of the young female population. I swear I knew people who literally had shrines on his behalf. He went from just a random kid to god in like 5 seconds with just one song and literally stole the hearts of everyone.

From Justin Bieber stickers in everyone’s books to low quality print wall decals in purple and pink rooms (for some reason, he was associated with the colours purple and white) the Justin Bieber craze was an absolute plague. Glad that it is finally over. Oh no wait, Selena dissed him on Instagram? He deleted his Insta account? Oops no, gotta get on the bandwagon again.

  1. Flip Phones

flip phone

How cool were flip phones? The only thing I liked about it is the fact that you had to flip it up to answer a call, and the fact that they made it in an array of colours. I think it Motorola that introduced the metal pink flip phone as well. It was quite a ‘hip’ thing to own, until of course, technology evolved and flip phones became a thing of the past, a distant memory.

  1. Lion King

How many times have you watched Lion King? If it’s a number more than 5, then you’ve been raised right. Lion King, like the other TV shows and movies mentioned in the list, was a very special part of our childhood. It brought so many lessons and so much depth into our little lives. To this day, I can tell you for sure that nothing so far that has been produced, no matter how big a hit can replace the wonderful memories Lion King left with us.

So here’s a few things we were able to list out. If you’re a late 90’s kid, comment below and let us know what the best thing about your childhood was!