Everything else.. Cargills Square Opens Their 5th Branch in Bandarawela

Cargills Square Opens Their 5th Branch in Bandarawela

2023 Aug 29

In a time marked by global economic challenges, Cargills, a pioneer in innovation and community  development, unveils its latest endeavor: the Cargills Square mall in the heart of Bandarawela. The  Bandarawela mall becomes the fifth Cargills Square to be opened by the company, and the second mall  to be opened in 2023. 

A beacon of confidence  

The Cargills Square is more than just a mall; it is a symbol of resilience and optimism in Sri Lanka’s  future. Through its decision to invest in the Cargills Square in Bandarawela, Cargills has shone a light of  hope for the local community as well as the country at large, creating a unique shopping and  entertainment hub for families, youth and visitors to Bandarawela. 

The five-storey shopping and entertainment complex includes a Cargills Food City, a food court with multiple restaurants including a KFC, retail shops and 2 cinema screens including a 3D  facility to watch the latest cinematic releases. The complex also houses a Cargills Bank to  provide convenient financial solutions to customers. 

Empowering the youth and building dreams  

One of the primary visions behind Cargills Square is to empower the youth and ignite their aspirations.  By creating family-friendly entertainment complexes, Cargills aims to provide spaces where dreams can  flourish and where the younger generation can envision a future filled with opportunities. The  meticulously designed entertainment facilities, thoughtfully curated retail outlets, and vibrant  atmosphere are all aimed at inspiring creativity, innovation and personal growth among the youth of  Bandarawela and beyond. 

Beyond urban boundaries  

Cargills has always been committed to the upliftment of communities across Sri Lanka, contributing  towards the development of rural towns and the country as a whole. While many shopping and  entertainment complexes are confined to urban areas, the Cargills Square mall defies this norm. The  company envisions transcending geographical boundaries and making modern, world-class entertainment  and shopping facilities inclusive for all communities across the country. 

The Cargills Square concept was first introduced in 2013 with the objective of providing entertainment  and shopping experiences for customers in areas outside the Colombo city limits. Following the success  of the first Cargills Square in Jaffna, which was the first large-scale commercial investment in the North  by a blue-chip company, Cargills subsequently opened three more malls in Gampaha, Dematagoda, and Katubedda.

Cultural value and history  

The location of the Cargills Square mall in Bandarawela, once housed the infamous Cargills department  store which dates back to the 1800s. This heritage building has been preserved and transformed by the  company to suit the demands of the modern consumer while retaining its rich history. Not too far from  the location lies the iconic Bandarawela Hotel – another heritage building which has history going back  to the year 1893.  

As the Cargills Square in Bandarawela opens its doors, the company invites the community to come  together and create lasting memories. Built with an investment of LKR 1.6 billion, the project stands  as a testament to the Cargills Group’s confidence in the potential of the Sri Lankan economy and its  commitment to fostering hope and opportunities for the youth.