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Salons in Colombo

2022 Jan 9

‘New Year, new me’ is on everyone’s lips at the dawn of 2022. And the level of confidence you can obtain following a makeover is simply unmatched. So, we took the liberty to list out some of the best salons in Colombo for some premium pampering cause you deserve it! 

  1. Chagall Colombo 

Located at Park Street, soak in a luxurious salon experience with Chagall Colombo!

Address: 33 Park St, Colombo 2

Telephone number: 077 735 3177

Instagram: @chagall_park.st (DM them for appointments)

2. Ramani Fernando Salons

Ramani Fernando Salons is no stranger to the Sri Lankan market, providing their customers with the ultimate salon experience. They also have many branches across Colombo!

Address (main branch): 32 Elibank Rd, Colombo 5

Telephone number: 0112 582 176

Instagram: @ramanifernando.salons

3. Mosh

If self love and pampering yourself is on your resolutions list for 2022, Mosh is the place to visit for a paramount makeover experience:

Address:  49/1 Ward Pl, Colombo 7

Telephone number: 0112 690 549

Instagram: @mosh.lk

4. Capello Salons

If you want to come out of the salon feeling absolutely divine, Capello Salons is the way to go, and they are just one call away!

Address: 24 Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7

Telephone number: 0112 694 408

Instagram: @capellosalonslk

5. Salon KESS

Salon KESS will definitely provide an A grade makeover for an A grade individual. Yes, we won’t stop hyping you up!

Address: 3rd Floor, 10 Rosmead Pl, Colombo 7

Telephone number: 0112 676 855

Instagram: @kess_salon 

6. The Cutting Station

The Cutting Station is more than equipped to care for your hair and treat you like royalty!

Address: 65/3A Kirula Rd, Colombo 5

Telephone number: 0112 588 769

Instagram: @thecuttingstationsl

7. Rumours

All the rumours are true; they can give you a premium makeover, making you feel absolutely divine! Pun intended *wink wink*

Address: 467 Union Pl, Colombo 2

Telephone number: 011 266 9898  / 077 340 2076

Instagram: @rumours_sl

8. Salon Liyo

Unleash the lion in you with Salon Liyo! This is the perfect way to set your mood for 2022 and conquer all your goals for the year.

Address: No.224A, Highlevel Road, Colombo – Batticaloa Highway, Nugegoda

Telephone number: 077 388 5122

Instagram: @liyo_dhanushka

9. Salon 7th Avenue

Make a quick pit stop at Salon 7th Avenue while you’re shopping at Colombo City Centre, and pamper yourself at Salon 7th Avenue!

Address: Colombo City Centre, Second Floor, 137 Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 2

Telephone number:077 731 1229 | 011 432 3347

Instagram: @salon_7th_avenue

10. Scalp Hair and Beauty

Taking care of your hair is something you should never compromise on! Get pampered at Scalp Hair and Beauty.

Address:  55 Kuruppu Rd, Colombo 8

Telephone number: 077 315 8182

Instagram: @salonscalp_

11. Cheveux Salon

Rewarding yourself once in a while is not a crime! Cheveux Salon has a unisex branch at Colombo City Centre, too, for all our kings out there!

Address: 124 Barnes Pl, Colombo7

Telephone number:  0117 207 008

Instagram: @cheveuxlk

12. Salon Looks 

Living up to the name of the salon, they intend to enhance your looks, helping you tap into the most divine, confident energy!

Address: 259, Highlevel Rd, Maharagama, Sri Lanka

Telephone number:  075 770 5308| 0112 160 770 

Instagram: @lookssl_salon

13. BC Lifestyle Studio

British Cosmetics has been a pioneer in the beauty industry for a while now, and needless to say, they are here to give you a makeover experience of a lifetime!

Address: One Galle Face Mall, LK 1A, Central Road, Colombo 2

Telephone number: 0112 422 588

Instagram: @bclifestylestudios

14. The Chopping Block

Go to The Chopping Block for a makeover and come out feeling like your best self!

Address:  1, 43 Maitland Cres, Colombo 7

Telephone number: 0115 766 516

Instagram: @thechoppingblock__

15. Scissors Salon

Scissors Salon has been a strong contender in the beauty industry, so don’t feel anxious to be a little adventurous with them on your new look!

Address: 300 Havelock Rd, Colombo 5

Telephone number: 0114 308 967

Instagram: @scissorslk

16. The Hair Studio

The Hair Studio is equipped to treat your hair like royalty and make you feel your absolute best this year!

Address: 2, 6 Sabha Ln, Colombo 5

Telephone number: 077 162 3097

Instagram: @thehairstudio_byanusha

17. You by The Wax Museum 

Fret not, for they won’t be turning you into a wax figure. They will, however, take good care of your hair, making you feel like you’re in a shampoo commercial!

Address: 25/4 first lane, Koswatta R

Telephone number:  072 742 2200

Instagram: @you_by_thewaxmuseum

18. Medusa Ceylon

Don’t be alarmed; they wouldn’t turn your hair into a head full of snakes, but they’ll treat your hair with much-needed care that’ll make it look slick and beautiful.

Address: Arcade Independence Square, Independence Square, Colombo 7

Telephone number: 0115 616 161

Instagram: @medusaceylon

19. BASE Hair and Nail Studio

Let yourself relax and unwind, and let your hair have the luxury treatment of a lifetime with BASE Hair and Nail Studio!

Address: Shop number 202, 2nd floor, Colombo City Center, 137 Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 2

Telephone number: 077 716 4499 / 011 711 2345

Instagram: @base_hair_and_nail_studio

20. Christell Cutting Station

After a day of shopping at the One Galle Face Mall, you could make a quick stop at the Christell Cutting Station, as they will make your hair look gorgeous and Christell clear. (desperately hoping that you’ll catch our puns!)

Address: One Galle Face Mall, LK 1A, Central Road, Colombo 2

Telephone number: 0117 499 299 

Instagram: @christellcuttingstation

21. Gavin Ryan’s Salon & Spa

How to get perfect hair? Gavin Ryan may just have the answer!

Address: No 8, Arcade, Independence Square, Colombo

Telephone number:077 300 0651


22. Leena Hari Salon

Leena Hariram is equipped to care for your hair and make you feel like your most gorgeous self this new year!

Address:  60 Edmonton Rd, Colombo 5

Telephone number: 076 223 4776 

Instagram: @leenaharipromakeup.hair.beauty

23. Tresses by Sameera

Treat yourself to one of the best salon experiences, and let yourself be pampered once in a while!

Address: 158D, Galle Road, Colombo 4

Telephone number: 072 664 1230

Instagram: @tresses_by_sameera

24. The Rush Hair Salon

Finding a salon that does justice to your taste is essential. And The Rush Hair salon strives to exceed your expectations!

Address:  Colombo – Batticaloa Highway, Nugegoda

Telephone number:  0112 199 299

Instagram: @the_rush_hair

25. JAAL salon

JAAL Salon is bound to give you a premium salon experience, making you feel like the best version of yourself every day after your makeover!

Address: No.15A Maitland Crescent, Colombo 7

Telephone number: 0114 889 898

Instagram: @jaalsalon

26. Toni&Guy

Walk into Toni&Guy salon and let them work their magic on your hair! You are bound to feel flawless after your much-needed makeover.

Address:  65b R.G. Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 7

Telephone number: 0112 102 015

Instagram: @toniandguysl

27. Mane Studio

Leave your gorgeous mane in the hands of the experts and let them make you feel like the lioness that you are!

Address: WhiteHouse Residencies, 265/2, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 3

Telephone number:077 306 6955

Instagram: @manestudiosl

28. Naturals

This unisex salon is bound to make you feel like absolute queens and kings from the inside and out!

Address:  290 George R. De Silva Mawatha, Colombo 13

Telephone number: 0112 444 160

Instagram: @salonnaturals_unisex_salon

29. Aweera Hair and Beauty

Enhance your natural beauty and obtain silky, soft and smooth hair with the capable hands of Aweera Hair and Beauty salon!

Address: No. 220/1, Solomon, Pieris Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia 10350

Telephone number: 0112 727 285

Instagram: @aweera_hairandbeauty

30. Salon Nayana

Do you have a specific hairstyle or colour saved on a Pinterest board? Why not make it a reality with Salon Nayana?

Address:  18 St Lucia’s St, Colombo 13

Telephone number: 0112 441 088

Instagram: @salonnayana

31. Salon Luminaire

Show off your gorgeous hair to your friends after the makeover by the magic hands of the team at Salon Luminaire!

Address:  452 Thimbirigasyaya Rd, Colombo 5

Telephone number: 0112 081 992

Instagram: @salonluminaire

32. Raula Gentlemen’s Barbershop 

Raula is a one of a kind barbershop, where a man can be a man, sit down and relax while getting unparalleled hair and beard styling.

Address: 129 Kirulapone Ave, Colombo 5

Telephone number: 0117 950 920

Instagram: @raula.barbershop

There you have it folks! Discover your best self with a makeover at any one of these salons and let us know how the experience was. Have we missed any amazing salons? Let us know in the comments.