Restaurant Reviews Area 56 – Restaurant Review

Area 56 – Restaurant Review

2022 Jan 8

Open Time:

12 am - 12 pm, 5 pm - 12 am


56 Galle Rd, Colombo 6


Inside the Supun Arcade building in Wellawatta, on the 9th floor

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Satisfying all your cravings under one roof!

Nestled in the bustling streets of Wellawatte, the Area 56 restaurant resides on the 9th floor of the Supun Arcade building. They are truly a ‘jack of all trades’ as they provide a wide variety of dishes from multiple cuisines, allowing you the opportunity to try out dishes from a versatile range of different cuisines. We were so excited to take a gander at some of their unique concoctions, and to say that we were impressed, would be an understatement.


Pepper and Mustard Beef (LKR 1,000)

As someone who isn’t a massive fan of mustard (mustard fans, please don’t come for me), this dish was very pleasantly appealing and had an interesting flavour. The meat itself was cooked to perfection, and the mustard flavour paired with the peppery spice kick was a match made in heaven. This was a perfect dish to ease your taste palate into the mains.

Grilled Prawns (LKR 1,100)

Seafood lovers, you’d absolutely adore this dish. The prawns were done very well, and there was this wholesome smoky flavour that seeped through, complementing the dish. The vinaigrette was well balanced in terms of flavour. However, we felt that adding a slight zesty zing to the dish would have easily made this dish a favourite. A must-try, nonetheless!



Mutton Pizza (LKR 2,200) 


This was my personal favourite. And trust me when I say it was love at first bite. I felt like I could pig out and finish the entire pizza all by myself because I kept going back for more. This was not your typical Italian pizza, but it had a wholesome Sri Lankan twist that we absolutely loved. The curry flavour that we will never get enough of seeped through and blended so well with the cheese. The pizza was not oily, and the flavour of the mutton cut through the rest of the juicy flavours. This concoction was unlike any other, and it would most definitely be a crime if you didn’t give it a try!

Pad Thai (LKR 1,100)

To all my fellow Lankans who love spicy food, this dish would quite literally steal your heart. The noodles were soft, and the prawns were cooked to perfection; the spice kick was the best part of the dish, making the overall flavour of the dish that much better. However, I felt that this dish would have been a complete showstopper if the sweet, salty and peanuty taste that authentic Pad Thai dishes usually incorporate was present. That being said, don’t make that a reason to not give this bad boy a try!

Butter Chicken (LKR 1,200)

This is another dish that every Lankan who can’t live without spices would fall in love with over and over again. The butter chicken was served with fresh basmati rice, which was the perfect combo in my eyes. The butter chicken curry was spicy, very creamy, buttery and milky, and the flavour was so strong that the rice actually helped to regulate the flavour of the curry, making sure that it wasn’t too overpowering. And we thoroughly enjoyed every bite of this dish!



Fruit Salad with Ice Cream (LKR 500)

One could never go wrong with the Sri Lankan all-time favourite fruit salad with vanilla ice cream. Fresh fruits, topped with the creamiest ice cream, really do have a way of refreshing your entire palate and provide a refreshing end to your meal.



The restaurant is located in a balcony area, allowing you to dig into some delicious meals with a magnificent view of Colombo city. This is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a tiring day with your best buds while soaking up the cold evening breeze. The staff members were also very helpful, friendly and efficient, providing an excellent service to their customers. All-in-all, definitely a positive experience and we would not hesitate to visit again!

Tip: Mutton pizza all the way. Make the choice, and don’t look back!