Everything else.. The Embassy of Peru Unveils the First Peruvian Photography and Film Festival...

The Embassy of Peru Unveils the First Peruvian Photography and Film Festival in Sri Lanka

2023 Jul 7

On 30 June, the Honorary Consulate of Peru in Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Alliance Française of Kandy proudly inaugurated a photography exhibition featuring the renowned Lines and Geoglyphs of Nazca and Palpa, one of the most well-known UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Peru. On the same date, the First Peruvian Film Festival in Sri Lanka commenced, presenting six captivating films from 01 July 08 July. The inaugural ceremony was graced by the presence of the Ambassador of Peru to Sri Lanka, Mr. Javier Paulinich, Mr. Satya Rodrigo, Director General of the Latin America and Caribbean Division of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Tikiri Kobbekaduwa, former Governor of the Sabaragamuwa Province, Mr. Sabry Abuthahir, President of the Executive Committee of the Alliance Française of Kandy, and Mr. Romani de Silva, Honorary Consul of Peru in Sri Lanka.

“The Nazca Lines have left an indelible mark on world culture, stirring the curiosity and imagination of archaeologists, historians, and art enthusiasts alike. These magnificent ancient works, depicting various geometric shapes, animals, and stylised figures, are believed to have been created between 500 BCE and 500 CE. Among the countless individuals who have dedicated themselves to understanding and preserving the Nazca Lines, Maria Reiche stands as a luminary figure. This German-Peruvian mathematician devoted her life to studying and safeguarding these enigmatic lines, unravelling their mysteries and ensuring their conservation for future generations.”, said Ambassador Paulinich.

Following the inauguration, the film festival kicked off with the screening of the movie “Don’t Call Me Spinster,” directed by Ana María Alva Helfer. Throughout the week, the festival also featured films such as “Deliciosa Fruta Seca” by Ana Caridad Sánchez, “Margarita” by Frank Pérez-Garland, and “Las Mejores Familias” by Javier Fuentes León. Additionally, documentary films “Peru’s City of Ghosts” and “Cities in the Clouds,” produced by Paul M. M. Cooper were also showcased.

The Peruvian Photography Exhibition and Film Festival provided a unique opportunity for Sri Lankan audiences to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural heritage of Peru. It celebrated the strong cultural ties between Sri Lanka and Peru, and showcases the rich diversity of Peruvian art and cinema.