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What to Do During a Power Cut

2022 Apr 6

We’ve all had to experience the gruelling power cuts, and it’s been taking quite the toll on most of us. Without power, most of us are getting increasingly more frustrated – hence the following list. Hopefully our suggestions can take away a little bit of that frustration!

  1. Go to a cafe and get some work done

Support a local business by visiting a cafe that has electricity while getting your work done. Pulse has curated a list of places that are open and willing to accommodate you during the blackouts.


  1. Acquire a new skill

Learn to cook

Everyone should know how to cook the basics like dhal or chicken curry. And a power cut is the best time to spend an afternoon pestering your mom in the kitchen.


Take dance or singing lessons

Both dancing and singing can be used to express yourself and your emotions, especially given the tumultuous time that we are going through.


Polish up your gardening skills

We all know how expensive our favourite fruits and veggies have gotten over the past couple of months. So, why not save some cash while enjoying the satisfaction of eating produce grown in your own garden?


Pick up a musical instrument

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy like a harp or an organ, a harmonica or even a recorder would be perfect! Learning how to read sheet music is an interesting skill that may come in handy in the future, you never know!


Knit and crochet

This hobby has been getting popular all over social media with individuals making cute clothes, fun animals and many different things. Why not try your hand at this creative craft during power cuts?


  1. Read up on the country’s current economic and political situation

It’s always better to educate yourself on current topics without speaking out on issues based on hearsay information. Form your own informed opinions so you can back up what you voice with facts and reason.


  1. Go to a protest

Given the current situation, it is pertinent for all of us to be on the streets exercising our constitutional right to protest. We must stand up for our basic human rights! At the same time, keep in mind that we must be peaceful and responsible.


  1. Read a new book or revisit one you haven’t read in a while

Given that the power cuts are happening during the day as well, this is the ideal time to get back to your reading habits. Be cautious when you’re reading in the night though – we wouldn’t want you to ruin your eyes!


  1. Go over to a friend’s house

Play a couple of board games or just chill in each other’s company.


  1. Workout

Since there isn’t much else to do and you’re already sweating without power anyway, you might as well get your fitness freak on and burn some calories.


  1. Play a sport like cricket or football with your friends

What better way to spend time during power cuts than running around chasing a ball with your best pals.


  1. Learn about the constellations around you; stargaze

When the power goes out at night and all you’re left with is the starlit sky to look up at, do a little stargazing. The Sri Lankan night sky offers much to discover and explore.


  1. Go to an educational place

Beddagana Wetland Park

Learn a bit about our wetland ecosystems and the wondrous flora and fauna that make up our beautiful country.


Ape Gama

Step into a rustic and realistic Sri Lankan village in the heart of the capital to learn about your roots and how our people used to live not so long ago!


The Planetarium

The planetarium is an excellent place to learn about our solar system, the stars, the constellations and more.


The Museum

You can’t talk about educational places without mentioning the museum. Filled with exhibits and artefacts from ancient to recent Sri Lanka, you’re sure to learn to appreciate this island a lot more at the museum.


Dehiwala zoo

The animals need your help too! The funds that go into the zoo allow those animals to be better looked after. The inexpensive tickets make it a fun afternoon activity you can enjoy with your friends and family.


While the situation we’re in is infuriating and tough to deal with, we all have no choice but to find methods to cope. Hopefully, we’re able to turn it around, but for now, all we have are each other! We hope this list is helpful!