Everything else.. Revolutionizing Interior Design with Pendi

Revolutionizing Interior Design with Pendi

2018 May 18

Ever wondered where you could go for that perfect interior design to suit your need for a flawlessly chic and modernistic feel to your home? Well, head down Reid Avenue for your one stop shop for interior decor and design, because Pendi is certainly gunning for the forefront and definitely a place to check out.

Founder, Natalie Pendigrast has dedicated over ten years to this industry! She embraces simple designs that keep up with our ever changing times. The design based consultancy, Pendi, offers designs that are a play between modern takes and timeless elegance as they experiment with their interiors. They offer clients the element of being unique and tailoring their interiors to their characters and specific lifestyles.

Founder, Natalie Pendigrast

“Through inimitable collaborations with up-and-coming designers, we at Pendi look to push the boundaries of homeware design bringing Sri Lanka to the design forefront.”

-Natalie Pendigrast

Pendi does indeed collaborate with young designers to offer a collection of interior lighting products and homeware to suit daily needs. Taking pride in making products based only in Sri Lanka and of materials mostly unique to the country as well, Pendi’s collaboration with local artisans, craftsmen and women gives these young designers an undeniable opportunity of having their talents realized.

Being part of a limited collection that is continuously evolving, Pendi’s impressive range of lighting products suits many lifestyles. They offer table lamps ranging from having rustic, naturalistic feels to those playful with a colorful pop. The collection also includes latticed wooden hanging lamps as well as sleek desk lamps and modern floor lamps of striking designs.

Featuring Batik homeware (partnering with Yathra and Fusion 14) for all the Batik lovers, their homeware further includes marble, wooden and cement products (in collaboration with Ena Designs) that gives off an effortlessly elegant design for a contemporary lifestyle.

This year, Pendi will also be starting a wedding registry- but with a twist! Instead of the usual registering of products on the shelf, families of the bride and groom will be given the option of collectively purchasing a gift voucher so the store will be able to customize the couple’s first home together.

“It is an incredibly exciting time for the design industry. Sri Lanka is in its infancy within its design life cycle and now is the time for design entrepreneurs such as myself, to take a step forward and make our mark on the industry.”

-Ena Designs Owner, Ena Naseem

In an ever-evolving field such as design, Pendi certainly keeps up with its times. Their designs exhibit a sense of confidence, professionalism and modern appeal that leaves you with no doubt of their capabilities.