Restaurant Reviews Nara Thai (Set Lunch Menu)

Nara Thai (Set Lunch Menu)

2018 May 17

Open Time:

12 pm - 11 pm


No 03, Deal Place A, Colombo 03


Opposite Manhattan Fish Market

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Bought down to Sri Lanka in 2016, Nara Thai is considered as one of Thailand’s best restaurants since 2006. Delivering a unique set of dishes, each containing ingredients imported from Thailand itself, Nara Thai ensures a truly authentic Thai experience for its customers! Being massive foodies, we were super psyched to try out their lunch set menu (and boy did they shock us!) and indulge in a truly authentic Thai experience. So if you’re a fan of new culinary experiences you might want to read on!
Walking into Nara Thai definitely needs a description of its own, located in the midst of busy Colombo – the restaurant’s ambience is a total contrast to our hustling streets! The architecture reflects the colorful culture of Thailand and if you really pay attention to the details of its layout: from the music, to the furniture and even the overall structure of the building, you’d understand the authentic vibe the cuisine is definitely aiming for!


Anchan Iced Tea

I personally haven’t had any drink like the Anchan Iced Tea – not only was it super refreshing and just perfect for the warm humid weather outside, but this particular Iced Tea was made from the extraction of the Butterfly Pea Flower imported from Thailand itself! The Iced Tea was light on the palette and definitely complimented the heavy meal we had! It tastes just as good as it looks!


Here’s a fun fact, the set menu comprises of many popular dishes bought together in a single course – allowing you to try out a variety of options and experience some of the finest dishes by Nara Thai. If there’s one thing that caught our eye – it was without a doubt the presentation of these dishes! Coming in with 6 unique items, Nara Thai introduces its set menu (Rs.1490/- nett) to allow local customers to gain firsthand experience in the authentic blend between Thai Cuisines and Culture.

As much as we wanted to gobble up all options on the menu – our stomachs only had room for two of these sets! We went ahead with the Phad Thai Set and the Phad Keemo Gai Set paired with the refreshing Anchan Iced Tea!

Phad Thai – LKR 1490

A Personal Favorite for sure! I went straight to the Tom Yum Soup which was by far – the best Tom Yum Soup I’ve ever had! Not only was there tons of seafood (enough to fill an ocean) but the flavors simply roll off your tongue – it was the perfect blend between flavourful and spicy. The Phad Thai on the other hand was a tad too sweet for my liking, however the original Phad Thai is supposed to be on the sweet side and might not fit too well with us – probably because we Lankans love our spices, but regardless of its sweet taste we did enjoy it! Moving on – the Chicken Satay was seasoned to perfection with a side of Peanut flavored sauce which complimented the filling Phad Thai. The Won-tongs in contrast could have used more stuffing but were fried just right!

Phad Keemo Gai – LKR 1490

The Phad Keemo Gai, in contrast, had an interesting combination of food items. Phadkeemo Chicken went well with the Kang Kung which had a slight sweet taste but augmented the rest of the meal. The Chicken Pandan with Sauce was a special treat for us – delicately wrapped in a banana leaf, the chicken was baked to heavenly perfection and tasted even heavenlier with its sauce! Here’s a quick peak on this particular set menu!

Of course we didn’t want to leave without giving you’ll a quick preview of the other 4 dishes – which we’re hoping to indulge very soon too. Here you go!

1. Kao Phad Kraprao Set

*Hot Basil fried rice with Chicken | Vegetarian Spring Rolls | Fish Cake | Papaya Salad | Red curry gravy | Choice of Beverage between Lemongrass/ Anchan/ Thai Ice Tea and Lemon Ice Tea.*

2. Kao Phad Samunprai Set

*Fried Rice Thai herbs | Stir fried kale with anchovies | Chicken Thai Herbs | Mango Salad | Beverage between Lemongrass/ Anchan/ Thai Ice Tea and Lemon Ice Tea.*

3. Kao Suay Tom Yum Set

*Jasmine White rice|Tom Yum Seafood Soup| Satay | omelette chicken | Red Curry Chicken | Beverage between Lemongrass/ Anchan/ Thai Ice Tea and Lemon Ice Tea.*

4. Kao Phad Kai Nam Set

Dri Srimp Fried Rice| Chicken Omelette Soup | Stir Friend Mixed Vegetables| Green curry gravy| Sweet Chicken

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