PULSE Recipes Pol Toffee | Cooking with Aunty D

Pol Toffee | Cooking with Aunty D

2022 Apr 10


Sugar 350 g

Water 1 cup

Vanilla 1 tsp

Salt 1/4 tsp

Pink Food Colouring 1 drop

Desiccated Coconut 250 g



Heat sugar in a pan while adding water.

Mix well to create a runny sugar consistency.

Pour vanilla extract, pink food colouring and salt and mix.

Next, add the desiccated coconut and continue to mix until the ingredients are well combined.

In a lined baking tray, evenly distribute the pol toffee mixture and let it cool.

Once cooled down, serve and enjoy!


Aunty D. is a full-time mom working a little magic in the kitchen whenever she’s got time on her hands. She brings ton you easy and fast recipes with a twist of Sri Lankan spices and cooking techniques. Get Cooking!