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Gimmys’ Kitchen

2021 Aug 6

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Orders need to be placed at least a day in advance


Home delivery via their delivery service


Home delivery via their delivery service

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0773 323 494

One defining characteristic of the Lankan palette is our love for two extremes, all things sweet and all things spicy. If you are looking for a way to satisfy those undeniable sugar cravings, Gimmys’ Kitchen is the perfect place. It began in the midst of the pandemic where a mother-daughter duo decided to take priceless family recipes and transform them into what would be a successful business venture. Although the menu is limited to just three dishes, this ensures each customer receives the best in quality and flavour.


Chocolate Cake (2lb) (LKR 3,000)

The cake is rich and dense in both texture and flavour. Even though one piece is enough to fill your quota of “chocolate” for the day, you are left wanting more. The icing around the cake is also chocolate-based, so prepare for a double whammy of bursting cocoa flavour.

Butter Cake (2lb) (LKR 2,000)

The butter cake is definitely something to salivate over. Baked to perfection, even the edges remain soft instead of brittle and burnt. This cake would serve well with a cup of tea or even as a midday snack. We received the cake still piping hot after delivery ,so its light, fluffy and moist texture essentially melts away in your mouth.

Classic CBP (feeds 8 – 10 people) (LKR 2,700)

We all love a good chocolate biscuit pudding, and here at Gimmys’ Kitchen, the classic CBP exceeded our expectations. You can taste the combination of both a gooey chocolate-based texture and flecks of biscuit pieces, finally drizzled with a layer of desiccated chocolate. What’s intriguing about this CBP is that it is infused with almond essence giving it a unique flavour. But if you’re not an almond fan, you can simply request for one without it.

Gimmys’ Kitchen has mastered the art of the CBP, Butter cake and Chocolate cake, so look no further when deciding where to satiate your appetite. The business works on a pre-order basis, and you can order through their Facebook page, Instagram page or WhatsApp number mentioned above. They deliver across Colombo 1 to 10 and suburbs, but you can also opt for a pickup.

Tip: Make sure to dig into your CBP once it’s cool or fresh out of the fridge.