Restaurant Reviews Whistling Hog | Restaurant Review

Whistling Hog | Restaurant Review

2022 Dec 18

Open Time:

Tuesday to Thursday 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm | Friday to Sunday 12:30 pm - 10:00 pm


The Grove - 289, High Level Road, Colombo 05


Opposite Kandy Shopping Centre in High Level Road

Contact No

0779 223 207




Not barbecue done ‘well’, it’s done ‘RIGHT’!

Barbecue smoked to perfection can be life-changing and we’ve been on the lookout for some life-changing barbecue for some time, so this was the perfect time to pay a visit to the Whistling Hog Smokehouse.

Nestled inside The Grove down High Level Road, The Whistling Hog serves up a mouthwatering slow cooked meat feast at its charming yet casual outdoor location. The Grove also accommodates BYOB so don’t hesitate to take a bottle of wine or some beer to go with your meal.


Porky Pig Burnt Ends – LKR 1,600 (5/5)

We started off strong with this luscious appetiser of cubed pork belly that was quite literally swimming in flavour. The meat, having been smoked for three hours, was tender and had a distinct smoky flavour that mingled with their signature sauce to bind the whole dish together. ”Believe me when I tell you, this was a hard dish to outshine”.

Dragon Wings – LKR 1,600 (5/5)

Although no dragons were harmed in the making of this dish, the fiery and juicy chicken wings which had been smoked for two hours simply burst with flavour and more than justified the naming of this dish. These are ‘you-need-to-get-down-and-dirty-with-it’ chicken wings. Whether this is a starter to your meal or a quick snack over a glass of wine, these wings are flavourful enough to stand on their own yet subtle enough to accompany anything else you pair with it. Great value for the price, there’s no excuse not to dig in.


Mashed Potatoes – LKR 900 (5/5)

When people say food can feel like a warm blanket this is what they’re talking about. Even days later, I still find myself reminiscing about these mashed potatoes. The buttery and creamy mash was rich, yet also as light as a feather. Dare I say it’s the perfect side dish to harmonise with the meaty mains?

Chicken Fried Rice – LKR 1,900 (5/5)

This is not your ordinary fried rice. The Whistling Hog has incorporated its own dramatic flair to this oh-so-familiar comfort food. The flavour was impeccable and somehow the rice alone was not the star of the show. The rice was accompanied by a chilli paste, made in-house, which was unlike anything I’ve ever tried. It was an umami bomb that completely transformed the dish into something magical. The rice alone (for non-spicy eaters) is a treat!

Big Momma with Mac n Cheese and Garlic Bread – LKR 11,500 (5/5)

And now for the main event. The Big Momma is a massive platter of chicken, pork and sausages accompanied by two hefty sides and corn slaw. Seemingly floating out of the kitchen, my jaw almost hit the floor at the sheer majesty of this behemoth and no, I’m not exaggerating. If you’re planning on ordering this, wear comfortable clothes.

The Meat:

Big Momma comes with a generous amount of meat including a gorgeous smoked half-chicken, succulent pork chops and ribs that fall off the bone, and some juicy sausages to wrap it all up. Thinking about it now, it’s a simple platter of meat – but with the amount of respect and care given to its core ingredients, Whistling Hog truly elevated their earthy flavours to a sophisticated level.

The Sides:

The Mac n’ Cheese was homely and warm – wonderful on its own, but a subtle blanket that allowed the meat to shine through. The garlic bread was perfect to mop up the sauces, which we discovered was their house special ‘Elvis Sauce’, and it’s a sauce worth writing home about. The corn slaw, simply enough, added a sweet and refreshing undertone to the all-American meal.


The Grove is one of those places where you could go to feel disconnected from the bustling city noise. Just as the sun starts to set, the calming nature-centric ambience combined with the food is a surreal dining experience. The space is perfect if you’re looking for a quiet outdoor meal. 

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to find words to iterate how much we recommend this restaurant, but if the pictures on their social media were anything to go by, they surely did justice to the real thing. The food was an exemplary display of what makes hearty BBQ Americana work so well as comfort food. 

The ambience added to the overall experience, which made this the quintessential definition of simple luxury. If you’re on the lookout to share some good food with good company, head to Whistling Hog at The Grove – you can thank us later!

Tip: You have to try their Big A** Meals (again, not an exaggeration, this is what they call their super-sized meals for all you big eaters out there)! You’re sure to find great options that suit the size of your party and it offers fantastic value on top of the amazing food.