Everything else.. Citrus Ready to Serve the Nation – Dilith Jayaweera

Citrus Ready to Serve the Nation – Dilith Jayaweera

2020 Mar 21

The Board of Directors of Citrus Waskaduwa (Waskaduwa Beach Resort PLC) took into account the current crisis faced by the Nation and the world at large.

The Board noted that the occupancies of the hotels in the Citrus Group have  dropped to a bare minimum and considering the global and local travel restrictions, it would continue to drop further in the near future.

Apart from the devastating impact faced by the Tourism Sector, the Board noted the valiant efforts made by the Government, the Health Sector and the Security Forces to control the situation in the country.

Taking the above into consideration, and in keeping with the Group’s Nation mindedness ethos, the Board decided to offer its 150 roomed resort, Citrus Waskaduwa to be used as a Quarantine Center by the National Operations to Prevent Covid – 19 on a temporary basis, should the need arise. In the event that the Authorities decide to use the resort temporarily, the resort will be completely decontaminated in keeping with international standards before normal resort operations commence.

Due to the time-sensitivity and the fact that the Colombo Stock Market is currently closed, the Board decided to immediately communicate the same to the National Operations Center to Prevent Covid – 19 while a market announcement will be made on Monday 23 rd March 2020.