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Island Tea Co. & Ceylon Coffee Club Opens in Sri Lanka – Starts Expansion Drive

2023 May 23

“Island Tea Co.” & “Ceylon Coffee Club” is owned and operated by Ceylanka Trading Inc., a registered company under the Securities & Exchange Commission of Philippines. Ceylanka Trading Inc. operates the largest network of Pure Ceylon Tea & Coffee cafes with over 120+ branches across the Philippines, Dubai & Sri Lanka with openings planned in India and Ireland in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2023. The company is currently working towards more expansions in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Through a master franchise program, the company will open 100 branches for the Island Tea Co. Brand & a further 30 branches for the Ceylon Coffee Club Brand in India within 3 years, whilst Dublin, Ireland will operate 15 branches in the next 3 years. 

Whilst the company open its 1st branch today in Nawala, they have also added the food element through a leading Sri Lankan food retail brand “Crepe Runner” in the store premises creating a destination-based retail experience with unique food and beverage products. The company has already commenced construction and plans to open its second branch in Sri Lanka at the Colombo City Center, the premier lifestyle mall in Sri Lanka by June 2023.  

“Being a brand that uses only Pure Ceylon Tea & Coffee in all our recipes, we plan to invest towards opening more branches in Sri Lanka to bring this unique beverage experience to all Sri Lankans” – said Minodh de Sylva, the companies Director / Chief Business Officer.

“Island Tea Co. & “Ceylon Coffee Club” will feature more than 100 beverage options from Iced Milk Teas, Fruit Teas, Cream Cheese Milk Teas, Brown Sugar Teas, Iced Cream Tea Shakes along with an Oreo and Nutella range, whereas the coffee lovers can look forward to a range of lattes, over iced drinks and frappes, all made exclusively from Pure Ceylon Tea & Coffee Beans creating novel recipes that are popular globally. 

“We can confidently say that our offering to the Sri Lankan market would be one of a kind and something currently not offered by any other retail player in the market” – added Minodh de Sylva, the companies Director / Chief Business Officer. 

The Company plans to add three (3) or more branch locations within the year 2023 in creating a wider reach for the brands “Island Tea Co. & “Ceylon Coffee Club” within Sri Lanka. All branches in Sri Lanka will be directly managed by the group’s Sri Lankan company “Island Tea Co. Holdings Sri Lanka Limited”. 

Island Tea Co., and Ceylon Coffee Club, a fast-growing beverage chain famed for its authentic brews is the brainchild of cutting-edge entrepreneur Minodh de Sylva, which was founded in 2017 with a single branch in Cebu City, Philippines. Minodh is a renowned business professional, visionary innovator and award-winning marketer featured in PeopleAsia, FUTR Asia, Franchise Asia & the Philippine Franchise Association.