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Angela a Sri Lankan Florist Bagged 12 Awards in a Horticulture and Floral Art Competition in Australia

2023 May 25

Angela De Silva is another talented Sri Lankan who bagged 12 awards at the recently concluded Bendigo Goldfields Chrysanthemum Championship 2023 in Australia. She competed with so many talented and experienced florists and horticultural specialists in the field of floral art at a leading floral art and horticulture show on of the spectacular exhibitions held as an annual event in Bendigo in Australia.

Angela is originally from Nungamugoda, Kelaniya, now residing permanently in Australia for more than a decade. In addition to her professional work as a real estate agent, she occupies herself in making floral arrangements and owns a business known as Angelic Floral Creations in a Norther Suburb in Victoria known as Mernda.

Her passion and interest for floral art is something she inherited from her family. “My mum used to grow Anthuriums and also had an orchid nursery. She used to supply for Church functions and sell some to her customers. I used to help her with it all and her commitment motivated me to learn more on the field of floral art” she said. Her floral artistic mindset is something she earned from her mother and with a passion for this industry she completed professional training courses both in Colombo and Australia Growing and floral art are few things that I enjoy. In the interview she said “It’s not the prize or reward after competing in the championships that matter for me, that’s not why I get involved, I do it because I love it.”

Among the awards, Best Harvest Basket, Best Cactus and succulent display, Best in section of Intermediate Floral Art competition, Best Split-level Floral Arrangement, Best Herbs Basket are few to list out. Her Winter Wonderland arrangement incorporating a splint that was done exclusively with Australian Natives named as ‘Natives to thrive in Winter was one of striking arrangements that received lot of attention during this exhibition.

This competition was stunning Floral Art display and a colourful, interesting Horticultural show with a wonderful display of top-quality Chrysanthemum blooms featuring all of the different categories was held on Saturday, April 29 to Sunday, April 30 in Bendigo, Victoria Australia. The 2023 show took place at the Laanecoorie Mechanics Institute Hall in Bendigo. With quality blooms entered from Melbourne, Ballarat, Shepparton, Bendigo and the local area, Bendigo Goldfields Chrysanthemum Championship is an Annual event that attract lots of visitors as it was something worth seeing.