Entertainment 5 Places to Buy Vinyl Records and Turntables in Colombo

5 Places to Buy Vinyl Records and Turntables in Colombo

2023 Aug 15

Back in the day, vinyls and turntables were the iPods and MP3 players of the 2000s and the Apple Music and Spotify of today. As easy as it is to download “that” album onto your iPod or phone with a click of a button, the effort put into listening to a vinyl is a long-forgotten art.

Recent trends have been rewinding the clock among the youth so basically, vinyls are back in! So we’ve rounded up some places where you could get your hands on your very own vinyls and turntables.


01. Torana Music Box

This company is a Sri Lankan record label that was established in the mid-1970s. Torana is dedicated to selling original Sri Lankan vinyls that have been recorded and created by them. They have produced music for renowned musicians like Desmond De Silva, Amarasiri Peiris and Annesly Malawane to name a few. 

Tel – 0705 222 632

Address – No. 112/7, Kandewatta Terrace, Poorwarama Road, Kirulapona

Website –  www.torana.lk  

Facebook – @ToranaMusicBox

Instagram – @toranamusicbox


02. Shehan’s Vinyl Records

This place is a household name to any vinyl collector in Sri Lanka as it is one of the largest retailers that sells used and brand-new vinyl’s for you music geeks. It also sells turntables and music sound amplifiers. 

Tel – 0777 488 144

Address – No. 457/1A, 10th Mile Post Road, Katuwawala, Boralesgamuwa

Website- www.shehans-vinyl-records.business.site

Facebook – @shehansvinylrecords

Instagram – @shehanvinyl


03. ZEPP Records

ZEPP Records is no stranger to fellow vinyl fans. Consisting of a limitless collection of vinyl records and turntables to choose from, this place is a must visit for cultured fanatics. This store is unique in selling Western vinyls. So if you’re trying to hunt down Taylor Swift or Harry Styles vinyl records, this just might be the spot!

Tel – 0112 368 958

Address – No. 65/9, Kirula Road, Colombo 05

Website – www.zepprecords.lk 

Facebook – @zepprecords

Instagram – @zepp_records


04. Secondhand Music Sri Lanka

The store is dedicated to selling secondhand original music CD’s, vinyls and cassettes for the best price possible.

Tel – 0771 619 697

Address – No. 26/B, Right Circular Road, Jayanthipura, Battaramulla

Facebook – @2ndhandmusiclk


05. Analog Music Studio

Analog Music Studio specialises in analog vinyls – in case you’re unsure what those are, they’re traditional vinyls that are read by a needle as opposed to digital vinyls read by laser. The store offers a range of rare and old music collections for the true vinyl enthusiasts. 

Tel – 0711 380 656

Address – No. 12/11, 1st Lane, Rupasinghe Mawatha, Nugegoda

Facebook – @audioceylon 

Instagram – @audio_ceylon              


And there you have it! If you notice that some of your favourite spots are missing, do give us a shout because we’d love to hear your recommendations!