Everything else.. Why December Is The Most YOLO Month

Why December Is The Most YOLO Month

2016 Dec 23

by Yasonil Piyatissa

Most of us claim to be YOLO af when we are actually just a bunch of stress ridden, anxiety
loving, barely YOLO individuals. Nevertheless, as soon as the clock strikes 12.00 am on the 1st
of December, even the most uptight and over-thinking person is compelled to just let loose and
have a great time! Think about it, it is simply impossible to not be YOLO when December
presents you with:

1. The overwhelming surge of friends and family flying in.

Nowadays nearly everyone seems to have a massive proportion of their friends and family living abroad and it is the norm for all of them to fly in during December and take over your house and your life. As they unpack their suitcases your schedule gets packed with outings that include literally taking them all over the countryside and, in my opinion, this is the best thing ever! Sri Lanka is an amazing tropical paradise and one would naturally assume we were all out there sunbathing by the ocean or lounging on a tea estate … But shockingly, and sadly, this is simply not the case. So at least when chaperoning the jingbang, leave your worries at home and finally start appreciating the beautiful island you’ve been blessed with.

2. The receiving of the mandatory Christmas bonus.

It is the accepted truth that the average working Lankan tends to be a little cheap. I mean who wouldn’t be when the inflation rates are hitting the roof and you have to sell a lung to buy a slice of cheesecake. But nothing encourages you to splurge like a Christmas bonus because now you finally might have some money remaining for an entire week after receiving your salary. So please go be YOLO and buy yourself that overpriced NYE ticket. You deserve it!

3. The “Haiyo, it’s already December and what have I done?” epiphany.

Remember promising yourself that 2016 is going to be the best and then forgetting all about that promise because you’ve been too busy doing life? Yeah, same. Well, nothing is a better wake up call than realising that you have less than 30 days left to make up for the 335 days you just wasted. Swore you were going to hop on a train to anywhere and explore but just ended up lethargically double tapping on travel posts? Then stop drowning in regret and dive into the ocean of opportunities awaiting you. Be YOLO, be spontaneous and be a little reckless; trust me it’s worth it. It’s never too late to start living life the way you want to.


All in all, most of us brush off the concept of YOLO as a shallow, superficial teenage craze.
However, we all fail to realise the depth and validity behind it. Everything is temporary, nothing lasts forever. And if I had to sum up this dilemma in one perfect word it would be ‘YOLO’. 

Everybody either has no money, no time or both. We are prisoners to a system that thrives on an endless rat race. It is time free yourself and be true to the life you desire. Work hard, party harder.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Don’t forget to do something sun because YOLO!