Food The “Fishery” opens at the Pegasus Reef

The “Fishery” opens at the Pegasus Reef

2015 Oct 24

Located just one step away from the buzz of urban hoo-ha, where the rhythmic splashing of the waves hypnotize you; the grand edifice naming its presence as Pegasus Reef, stand tall with its roots going deep into the rich, brown soil.

Pegasus Reef Hotel was given birth in the year of 1971, marking a historical entrance to the hospitality and tourism industry in Sri Lanka. And in 2015, Pegasus Reef Hotel is also responsible for taking another step that would change the hospitality industry yet again, like the golden year of 1971; The opening of their new seafood restaurant, The Fishery.

Salvaged from a mangrove swamp, the hotel is placed in an exotic surrounding with a breath taking beach view, which simultaneously blends with the tranquility and the ambience of luxury the hotel provides.

Breathing in the fresh, crisp air and looking at the beautiful blue waves, the restaurant is located at the far end of the hotel, overlooking the bronzed shores of the beautiful Sri Lankan beaches. “The Fishery was a concept that would change the tourism industry along the shores”, said the Executive Chef, Pegasus Reef Hotel. Located just outside Colombo, in the suburbs of the city, a restaurant with such great taste, variety and quality are quite rare to find.

The opening of the restaurant took place last Saturday, 17th October 2015 with a glamorous event right by its side. Invited guests, media and personnel from the travel industry were in for a shock when the lids of the spread were lifted and the fresh smell of beautifully cooked seafood wafted in the air.

From freshly prepared fish to bright red lobsters to the taste of authentic Japanese sushi to seafood soup infused with fresh Sri Lankan herbs and spices, The Fishery proudly presents a spread, like no other.

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