Health & Beauty 5 ways to Spice up your Makeup routine for the holidays

5 ways to Spice up your Makeup routine for the holidays

2015 Dec 26

by Akansha Naraindas

With Christmas just around the corner and the feeling of festivities buzzing everywhere, one does tend to require a change to move out of the dull, monotonous everyday routine and embrace the holiday season. Here are a few small tips that can be incorporated into your everyday makeup routine to get you holiday party ready in no time!

  1. Pop of colour


Nothing screams “Christmas” than the traditional colours of red and green. Try to incorporate these shades into your everyday routine by swapping out your regular black kajal for a dark green for your lower lashline. If that may be too dramatic, another option would be to set the black kajal with green eyeshadow, this brings out the hint of green without being too grandiose. Top it off with black mascara and you’re ready to go!

  1. Gold, Bronze, Shimmers


The holiday season is all about the warms. Swap out your regular pinky or silver toned highlighters for more bronze-gold based ones. This sets off any type of contouring that is to be done and gives the face a more youthful glowing look. Use darker bronze shades for the eyes as well, this brings out darker eye colors beautifully and creates an overall shaded and refined appearance to the eyes. Don’t forget to define your brows and follow the natural arch to lend a sense of completeness to the entire look.

  1. Be bold!


Darker, berry lips are not just an autumnal thing. Don’t be afraid to wear darker shades this holiday season; Opt for darker reds or purples to match mulberry or Christmas wine, berry tones are in all year round and are definitely worth the investment, but if it’s too much you could even include a slightly darker lip liner into your regular routine. This sets off any neutral eye you’d like to pull off as well as lending an enigmatic feel to any look.

  1. Wing it out


When in doubt, keep it classy and wing it out. The holiday is all about keeping your makeup minimalistic and flirty, enough for your own essences to shine through. Keep your wings upward and as opposed to slanted to bring out a more feminine, playful vibe. Use a white eyeliner to clean up the edges and make your lines crisp, top it off with a light silver or gold toned eye shadow and you’d be ready to go! Don’t forget to brighten up the inner corners of your eyes with a rose- gold or white based eye shadow to create a wider eyed effect.

  1. Mauves


The regular pinky toned blushes are simply not enough anymore! To create the illusion of excitement induced flush, opt for deeper colors. This is especially useful for dim lighting situations to bring out a lift in the cheekbones and jaw-line. It is particularly effective if you decide to wear a more neutral eye look  But don’t overdo it!! Too much blush can give you a clown-like appearance.