PULSE Recipes Crispy Hot Butter Cuttlefish – SIMPLY COOK LOOKING BY AZMA

Crispy Hot Butter Cuttlefish – SIMPLY COOK LOOKING BY AZMA

2015 Oct 6


500 g cuttlefish (cut into flowers)
Corn flour 50g or more if needed. Refresh cornflour when it begins to become pasty from all the dipping. This will ensure crispy cuttlefish once the dish is completed.
Egg 1
Salt and pepper to taste
Spring onion (julienne) 15g
[cut the leaves into 2 inch strips and a onion bulb into 4]
Capsicum (julienne) 15g
Chili paste 3tbsp (Shrimp Chili Paste works a treat)
1 tsp of sugar
Butter 100g
Oil to fry
How to cut cuttlefish into flowers?
Clean the cuttlefish and cut its body into 2 inch pieces. Then using a pair of scissors cut one edge into strands which will make it look like flowers once you fry them.
This is the best shape to cut the cuttle fish for hot butter cuttle fish, if you find this difficult you can also cut the cuttle fish into rings. And then continue the procedure for hot butter cuttle fish.

Preparation method:

1. After cutting into flowers drain the cuttlefish well and swab them if needed.
2. Season the cuttle fish with salt, pepper and egg then coat it with cornflour.
3. Heat oil until clear and drop the cuttlefish into it one by one.
4. Fry till cooked and light brown.
5. Heat a wok. add the butter and when it is fully melted add the spring onion and the capsicum.
6. Stir it twice then add the sugar, chili paste and finally the cuttlefish.Stir on medium high heat for 1 minute and turn off the fire
7. Leave it for 2 more minutes for the fried cuttlefish to absorb the hot butter.