Restaurant Reviews Bakes By Bella (New Menu)

Bakes By Bella (New Menu)

2017 Aug 4

Open Time:

Tuesday - Sunday: 10.30 a.m. - 9.30 p.m.


No 8A Alfred House Avenue, Colombo 3


Passing Queen's Road

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Cakes, Shakes & Cake Shake Heaven!

Since our home baker did such a great job the first time Pulse reviewed the place, we decided to head on down to Bakes by Bella ONCE AGAIN- (pushing through the traffic with our hair flying all over the place in the tuk) to try out their new menu. For those of you who are hearing about the place for the very first time (where have you been even?), Bakes by Bella specializes in cakes and desserts, and in signature cake shakes will have you wanting more and more. They recently added some savory dishes to their menu which we were super excited to try out!

The restaurant emulates your typical New York coffee shop, except they’ve replaced the coffee with desserts. Although their outlet at Alfred House Avenue is quite small (they are expanding though, we hear) and did get quite busy during the day, the personalization of all their equipment, from furniture to their menu cards – which were super creative and colorful, would inject some life into the most sleep deprived and emotionally drained soul.


Red Velvet Cake Shake- Rs. 750

If a milkshake and red velvet cake had a baby, this would be it. The pieces of cake were evenly spread throughout the shake, and didn’t clump up the straw. With every sip of milkshake you got a reasonable mouthful of red velvet cake; a match made in heaven. It wasn’t overly sweet, and the cream cheese topping complimented the flavor of the shake perfectly – after all what is a red velvet cake without its traditional white cream cheese right?!

Fudge Brownie Shake- Rs. 750

BBB certainly didn’t shy away from adding a hell of a lot of chocolate, because this has to be one of THE MOST CHOCOLATELY DRINKS Pulse has ever had! Biting into gooey pieces of fudge brownie + sipping on a super chocolatey milkshake = #oncloudnine!


Mocha Latte- Rs. 500

This perfect combo will definitely account for your daily dose of caffeine! The sweetness of the drink surprisingly complimented the bitter taste of the coffee, without either flavors over powering one another. Definitely would call it THE coffee lovers’ paradise.


Affogato- Rs. 550

To be honest, the drink on it’s own would have been little too bitter, but because of the generous scoop of ice cream and cream it was served with, we were able to enjoy the strong coffee aroma it carried. However, this could’ve been because we aren’t huge coffee fanatics ourselves.



Giant Cookie with Nutella- Rs. 900

Oh. My. Gosh. The dessert heavens have sent their greatest gift to Sri Lanka in the form of this monster of a cookie! This delectable dish is served hot, with a rich dollop of vanilla ice cream, and when you bite into this chocolatey goodness with a bit of cold ice cream, it screams perfection! I don’t 


Strawberries and Cream Waffle- Rs. 850

Fresh strawberries along with the warm buttermilk waffles topped with Nutella and served with a very generous amount of ice cream that slowly melted into the waffle; if that wouldn’t leave you rushing off to BBB in whatever you are wearing right now, what would?! The waffle carried a delicious flavour, and the freshness of the strawberries topped with the Nutella helped compliment all the pieces on the plate excellently. Definite winner at any time of the day!


Pancakes with Strawberries and Cream- Rs. 750

The pancakes were light and fluffy, and were served with a decent amount of whipped cream topped with strawberry sauce, and fresh strawberries. Every element in this dish complimented each other so well! 

Smoked Salmon Bagel- Rs. 950

Despite the salmon lacking a bit of flavour, the cream cheese spread and doughy bagel helped enhance the natural flavor of the fish itself. The bagel was of a doughy texture, and complimented the ‘melt in your mouth’ effect the spread and salmon had. The bagel was served with some fresh vegetable relish, which proved quite refreshing between the each bite. Although it did prove to be a bit chewy, we would absolutely give a 10/10 for presentation!


Spicy Chicken Wrap- Rs. 650

It certainly lives up to its name of a SPICY chicken wrap! Although the chicken was a little dry and the wrap was dripping a considerable amount of oil, it was flavoured to perfection. Despite the chicken being quite spicy, the wrap stopped us from breaking into a sweat, allowing us to enjoy the meal – #winnerdinner.