Geek HQ

2019 Jan 31

A haven full of nostalgia, comfort food, and great company!

Located down Frankfort Place, Geek HQ looks like a house that has been transformed into a cafe. Upon first sight, we noticed that the ‘car park’ was simply a driveway that could fit about three vehicles, so if you plan on dropping by in your vehicle, bear this in mind.

Walking into the cafe, we were greeted with a shrine of collectibles by the door, which is one of Geek HQ’s trademarks; being a geek-friendly space so we can freely gawk at the glorious action figures of iconic characters. They have collectibles placed all over the tiny eatery, where they also sell various figures, comics, books, and souvenirs on the 2nd floor!

We loved the “geeky” ambience, in a space that was adorned with action figures, comic table mats, and even an artsy ceiling filled with frescoes of characters. What’s even better is that they have amazing food and drinks to pair this experience with!


Geek HQ never fails to impress, especially when they’ve taken the initiative to practice a plastic free environment with their metal straws and cutlery! Needless to say, their drinks deserve a special mention of their own as well.

Cimmerian Oasis – LKR 550

What’s interesting about the menu items of Geek HQ is that they fit the theme perfectly, however if it weren’t for the descriptions mentioned in the menu, we wouldn’t know what we were ordering. The Cimmerian Oasis is a lovely concoction of pineapple and ginger, which we were expecting would be quite strong and overpowering. However to our surprise, this drink was slightly sweet and had a mellow aftertaste of ginger that we loved! Definitely refreshing and worthwhile.

Nightcrawler – LKR 650

We simply had to try out the Nightcrawler – a well constructed Oreo shake – to satisfy our cravings for something sweet and more condensed after the Cimmerian Oasis. Compared to Oreo shakes I’ve had at other cafes, Geek HQ does not hold back on the Oreo! This shake tasted exactly like liquid Oreos, with a great balance of milk and perfect consistency.



Hunter’s Prize – LKR 550

Consisting of around 5 crispy chicken drumlets on a bed of lettuce, paired with a mix of ketchup and mayo, this dish was a great start to our meal. For LKR 550, the chicken lollipops were well presented and tasted incredibly good; covered in a fried batter of bread crumbs, only to engulf in juicy meat beneath it.

Cimmerian Salad – LKR 700

Now this was a sight! The item comes with the option of beef, chicken or vegetable; and the ‘barbarian in us’ went with the beef. This dish was beautifully presented, consisting of three pockets of ham filled with beef, bell peppers, tomato, cucumber on a skewer with cherry tomatos and black olives. This appetizer tasted straight out of the cold salad section and was delightful to have.

Stretcher – LKR 550

Who can say no to cheesy fries, am I right? 

This dish was love at first sight! First sight being seeing the fries drowning in thick, gooey cheese. Of course, the fries were well done, and for LKR 550, I was super stoked to try two of my favorite things at once, fries AND cheese!



We’ve noticed that the mains at Geek HQ are priced slightly above the norm, however we let the quality & quantity of the dishes do the talking.

Chewie Sandwich – LKR 1250

Definitely a must try! This item also comes with the option of chicken, beef and vegetable – to which we went with the grilled chicken. Packed between a soft bun, the chicken within the sandwich was simply amazing! Juicy, succulent with a tinge of spice, the elements of this dish went well with each other, especially the crispy potato wedges with the mix of sauces. Words do no justice – you have to try this yourself.

It’s Clobberin’ Time – LKR 1800

This dish is Geek HQ’s jumbo special burger, served with coleslaw and juicy french fries; once again with the option of chicken, beef or vegetable. We opted for the beef burger and might I say – if it weren’t for my friends, I wouldn’t have been able to finish this burger by myself. Consisting of 4 to 5 beef patties, fried eggs, slices of ham, cheese and sausages; this burger was MORE than a handful! 


All in all, Geek HQ is the perfect place to sit back, relax, have a meal and reminisce about the good old days with friends that would last a lifetime.

Tip: Try the Chewie Sandwich if you don’t have a stomach large enough to fit a Clobberin’ burger!


Been to Geek HQ yet? Let us know in the comments below!