Everything else.. Swivel Group: Empowering Through Technology 

Swivel Group: Empowering Through Technology 

2022 Jun 11

The Sri Lankan tech industry is evolving at the speed of light, with innovative companies bringing to the forefront; Sri Lanka’s growing pool of formidable tech talent.   

Swivel Group is one of these newer players. Headquartered in Australia, with multiple offices in Sri Lanka, Swivel has made waves in the tech industry in just three years.  

With a reputation for seamless scalability solutions and the ability to uplift local talent with their effective recruitment systems; Pulse sat down with the co-founders of Swivel Group Shanil Dissanayake, (CEO) and Dmitry Loukine, (CGO) to get their perspective on how their enterprise continues to thrive and flourish.  

Q: How does Swivel Group stand out in the saturated, tech outsourcing industry in Sri   Lanka?   

Dmitry: I think the key difference is that we don’t have a traditional outsourcing model. There’s a big focus on doing everything possible to facilitate our employees with the right environment and leadership. So, it’s not just a transactional engagement with the client, they’re joining a business with a culture that is  tech-minded and  will facilitate their careers, as well. 

Shanil: The other difference is that we’re based in Melbourne, which adds a sense of certainty to our clients. We also have our own recruitment business, Swivel Talent, which we’ve been able to adapt and adopt to Australian levels of recruitment. Probably one of the first businesses to bring that style to Sri Lanka. Having that infrastructure, systems and rigorous processes in place, gives us the confidence that we can scale teams quickly.  


Q: How does Swivel Group maintain an employee-first work culture with high performance? 

Dmitry: It starts from us, really. We view the business as everyone’s business, and we understand that we can only be as successful as the people who work with us. It’s just providing the right framework for them to be successful as well. We believe this mindset must originate from the top. 

Shanil: I think the word ‘balance’ is important too. You want to deliver great work of high quality, yet you want to value your people and their work-life balance. This is a bit of a juggling act, and it starts with managing the expectations of clients. It’s all about longevity and sustainability, and we value our staff’s time, so it’s crucial to set the expectations at the start with your clients. 

Dmitry: I think there’s also the priority of quality over quantity and speed of delivery. We want to make sure that people have enough time and space to do their best work and leverage that creative element within them. 


Q: Swivel boasts a dynamic workforce with an all-female leadership. How else will the company continue to contribute to gender equality in the local tech field? 

Shanil: Yeah, we’ve got our Head of Engineering, Head of HR, Head of Growth and also two local directors who are women! We’re obviously quite blessed to have very strong leaders in the business working with us. We’re showing the tech community that we’ve got some phenomenal strategic thinkers, that are leaders, breaking the bias around women’s roles.  

Dmitry: With our experience in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve seen these cultural mindsets integrated into the work culture, so it wasn’t forced. It was going out and hiring the best person for the job, and it just so happened that they were women. Hopefully, we set the precedent of how good it can be and how it should be. 


Q: Having established a name in the game after just three years, what are Swivel Group’s plans for the future? 

Shanil: Right now, we’re working with the Australia, New Zealand and UK regions. We’d love to have a few different global offices with channels and clients from different demographics. Something we’re really passionate about, is bringing global tech leaders to Sri Lanka. We’re currently in the process of discussing what that looks like. Having a TED Talk style program that can expose the local market and create more jobs and opportunities for everyone within the tech industry in Sri Lanka.  

Dmitry: I think if we play our role in showcasing how good Sri Lanka can be, we’ll bring innovation around technology, around digital transformation, through our clients and make Sri Lanka competitive on the international stage. What Sri Lanka lacks in size, it definitely makes up in capability, personality, culture, and attitude towards work.  


Both directors hope they’ve played a significant role in bringing forth innovation and opportunities to the ever-growing, exceptional talent in the Sri Lankan tech community. With its already impressive contributions and innovative future goals to empower the local tech community, Swivel Group is one company to keep an eye on.