Entertainment Top Gun’s Maverick Lights Up the Screen and Skies

Top Gun’s Maverick Lights Up the Screen and Skies

2022 May 30


From the first bars of Kenny Loggins’s iconic soundtrack Danger Zone, you are instantly transported back to the 80s and find yourself on the edge of your seat, ready for a nostalgic journey. This time, a new story, delivered with a visual experience that uses pioneering camera technology to put you in the cockpit of the world’s fastest fighter jets. Top Gun’s MAVERICK is a high-octane sequel that complements its popular original and returns you to a time of Ray-Ban Aviators and bomber jackets.

1986. A year when TOP GUN did not just break the sound barrier but went head-to-head with some of the greatest films of that era. From the award-winning war drama, Platoon, to John Hughes’s coming of age high school comedy, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, these films had an enormous depth of storytelling, treating us to a sense of escape and belonging. TOP GUN brought that little bit extra; Tom Cruise and the afterburners.

If Top Gun broke hearts and blew minds 36 years ago, the long-awaited sequel takes us to new heights at a speed of Mach ten. TOP GUN MAVERICK is a story filled with references and iconic props of its original blockbuster feature and yet retains its own identity as an action-packed, emotional return to the skies. With a new love interest and still wrestling ghosts of the past, Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell is tasked with preparing elite navy pilots for the flight of their lives. In a daredevil mission that has them flying below the flight deck into enemy territory, they must deliver a strike on a heavily guarded underground uranium facility. A narrative that generously provides a sense of what fighter pilots endure operating under immense pressure. Between Hollywood style escapes and modern-day dog fights, is a chance to relive the glory days of bar songs and beach games, open roads, and flybys.

At two hours and seventeen minutes, Top Gun Maverick has enough fuel in the tank to take you to the end of a thrilling sequel befitting the ranks of the original.

This movie has more than big stars riding on its wings. An entire camera system was specifically developed to sit inside the canopy of a F/A-18 fighter so it could immerse the audience in a sense of reality as opposed to CGI. It made me think about the first time I saw the original aviation thriller. Sri Lanka never benefited from new releases; we were a year behind on every film, and VHS was the only go-to platform if you wanted to see it earlier, sacrificing quality and sound. Experiencing TOP GUN MAVERICK in Dolby Atmos on the day of its international release is everything a fan could desire. Over the recent years, SCOPE cinemas have brought excellence in cinematic experience with their Multiplex product. News of their launch of an IMAX experience is something every movie lover can look forward to. Big cinema is here to stay.