Everything else.. May-June Monsoon: How to Weather the Weather

May-June Monsoon: How to Weather the Weather

2017 May 25

Weather Gods and Co. presents

The SOUTH-WEST MONSOON: a showcase of dramatic weather acts!

The famous weather performance will be making its annual appearance in Sri Lanka

during the period of May – June,

so buckle up your seat belts; it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


Whilst the looming South-West monsoon will definitely stifle the unusually sultry weather that’s been bringing out the worst in us for the past few months, it will also bring with it fierce thunderstorms, billowing winds, and gallons upon gallons of heavy rain.

Here are some ways you can prepare for the impending monsoon season:

  1. Repair your roof

Inspect the roof of your house and make sure there are no gaps or cracks. It’s also a good idea to inspect the walls and ceiling, because water damage to walls and ceilings is usually an indication of a leaky roof. Moisture seeping in through the roof can affect the structural integrity of walls and ceilings, and weaken them.

2. Unclog your gutter

Clean out your gutters and down pipes to make sure that water doesn’t get backed up. Improper drainage systems and faulty gutters are leading causes of flooding.

3. Prune your plants

Cut off any dead branches around your house that may give way in the case of strong winds or heavy rain. You definitely don’t want a tree branch to land on you in the middle of a stormy night, disrupting your sweet slumber!

4. Wave your windshield wipers

In the modern day and age, we can’t afford to put our life on hold because of a bit of rain – or even a lot of rain, for that matter. Check the windshield wipers of your vehicle and make sure that they are waving gallantly, so that you can brave any storm that comes your way.

5. Vitalize with Vitamin C

The climate change that can cause fluctuations in your body temperature and weaken your immunity, coupled with the damp environment brought in by the monsoon, fosters the spread of seasonal influenzas. Vitamin C is known to boost your immunity and improve the antibody function of your body, so be sure to stock up on Vitamin C. You can buy some Vitamin C supplements from a local drug store, or you could do it the healthy way and up your intake of fruits and vegetables that contain high levels of citrus.

6. Pack a disaster supply kit for emergencies

It’s important to be prepared for severe weather conditions. Pack a disaster supply kit for emergencies and stow it in an easily accessible location. Don’t forget to include dry rations, water bottles, a portable radio, flashlights, back-up batteries, and a first aid kit.

7. Stay up-to-date

Knowledge is power. Keep up with the news and check the weather forecasts regularly. Being a little proactive can go a long way in staying clear of a full-fledged natural disaster, and can even make the difference between life and death.

Stay safe, Sri Lanka!