KindleLeaf Wilds of Lanka: Journeys, Adventures and Experiences (Volume II) by Shaminda Silva

Wilds of Lanka: Journeys, Adventures and Experiences (Volume II) by Shaminda Silva

2022 Jan 28

‘Wilds of Lanka’ is written for the those of us who can’t live without adventure or without exploring the great wilderness and witnessing all the glory of nature as it is.

This book narrates the experiences and adventures that this author has witnessed, which is bound to make you fall in love with Sri Lanka all over again. The author reveals details about different areas within Sri Lanka that you never knew of before, while making the readers feel like they are on the little journeys described throughout the book with the author himself.

In this book, the author discloses everything that the readers need to know about the Wilpattu National Park, Thanthirimale Temple, the Ritigala Mountain, and Mannar and Talaimannar. The author’s words will bring out the travel and wildlife enthusiast within you that lives to witness the thrill of a leopard on a kill, wake up to the calls of different species of birds in the morning, and witness the majestic walk of elephants along the road, while also teaching you about hidden facts and stories that you never knew before that make these destinations in Sri Lanka that much more unique.

One of the reasons as to why I fell in love with this book is because the author also discloses information and stories about different personalities in Sri Lanka who worked hard to serve and preserve the natural environment of these destinations and pays tribute to all the work that they have done over the years. As you flip through the pages of this book, you’ll also notice how much effort the author has put into learning about the historical significance of all these destinations and the folklore about how some of these destinations came to be. He uses a storytelling narrative throughout the book, which made the read that much more gripping and interesting.

Further, while the author discloses everything that the traveller needs to know in order to pay a visit to the destinations mentioned in the book, he also doesn’t miss out on teaching the readers about the importance of travelling responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner. The author points out important information that will help readers understand how to enjoy the wonders that our nature has to offer while also not agitating animals or even accidentally displaying behaviour that could put their lives in danger and harm ecosystems.

Shaminda Silva has also included many captivating images that he has captured throughout his journeys in the book, which help the reader weave their imagination as they read through while also giving the reader a little taste of what they could expect, should they visit these destinations. The language used by the author was also simple and easy to understand, making it easy for different people within a variety of demographics with different literacy capabilities to grasp and understand.

This book calls out to the wanderer within you and every turn of the page will make sure to leave you mesmerised about the wonders that our little island has to offer. The book will surely make you want to take a few days off work, pack your bags and deep dive into exploring these miraculous destinations surrounded by nature. ‘Wilds of Lanka’ is a wonderful book to read for sure!