Living New Year, New me.

New Year, New me.

2015 Dec 28

With Christmas just finishing off and with less than a week left for the New Year, most of us are already freaking out about how fast 2015 has gone by. Literally, in the blink of an eye, the year seems to have already come to an end and its scary how fast time goes by in our lives. This is that time of the year when you sit down and realise that you’ve done absolutely nothing the past year and it’s time to get back on your feet and complete the list of things you were supposed to do this year, next year.

Well, only a few out there would raise their hands if I asked them if they were able to tick every box in their to-do list for 2015, and most of them with their hands in the air, would probably be lying. It’s the time of the year where our Facebook and Instagram timelines are flooded with inspirational and motivational quotes, essays and life stories. Makes us wonder sometimes, if we are so motivated to be better individuals, then why do we kick start our year with so much vision but lose track of it halfway? In my perspective, we Sri Lankans tend to set goals and targets that we know are way beyond our reach, I know they say it’s best to aim for the stars, but how many of us really push forward despite the multiple times we fail, the reality is that we don’t. We either give us, scrap it off our New Year’s resolution paper, or the rare kind like myself, misplaces the paper altogether.

I have a solution, maybe not the best, but this is bound to get you somewhere. It might at least tick off the things you had on your list two years ago, that’s still an achievement right? Better now than never.

  1. Set goals you know you can reach within a time span of an year

If you’ve just started up your business, then becoming a market leader in a competitive industry in just a year would be near impossible. This is the exact same logic you have to apply to goals you set in life, if they sound far off, then don’t stress yourself out and try to reach for it, because you eventually know that you won’t. But what you can do is segment the goals, so maybe if your goal is to become the brand leader in five years, you can perhaps allocate parts of your vision to each of the five years. Year 1: Establish an effective marketing campaign. Year 2: Develop good customer relations… and so on. Apply this logic to goals you set in life, and I guarantee you, you will achieve them in no time.

  1. You Only Live Once

Its best to live by the term YOLO, tonight we are young as we’ll ever be. Go to concerts, parties, places you’ve always wanted to visit, spend your money on entertainment. Party on the week day nights, cause there will come a time where you won’t be able to party anymore on the weekends either. The Coach bag or the iPhone that you’re saving up to buy will always be there, but it’s the moments that aren’t tangible. Most of you are probably beating yourselves us for not going to maybe watch Enrique or even Sean Paul last month, and despite the President’s remarks about throwing “bras” around, think about it, you may never get an opportunity like the one you missed. You Only Live Once.

  1. Save Up

This is probably the hardest thing to do. Money literally runs out of our wallets, and no matter how much we earn, it’s NEVER enough.  And I’m positive that I’m not the only one who can relate to this. We plan out spending at the beginning of the month so we wouldn’t go completely broke by the end of it, but when we look back at our expenses three weeks later, it’s a terribly difficult ordeal to trace our expenses and figure out where our money went. Tragedy indeed. What you can do, rather is to have a set amount of your monthly income that you will save up. It doesn’t even have to be a big amount. Maybe like a 10 -20 % of your salary needs to directly go into your bank account and the rest, you need to systematically spend, so that you wouldn’t run out of money before the end of the month.

  1. Learn a new language

Since the recent past, my mother has kept asking me to learn Chinese because of the somewhat realistic mentality that most Sri Lankans have that China will eventually take over Sri Lanka and that we will all be a part of the chinky-eyed community. For most of us, travel is our ultimate life goal. Go to places, learn new things, live international cultures, experience living in different parts of the world, eat international cuisines, buy and wear locally produced clothes and accessories, in short. Explore and Learn.

  1. Take life as it is

Life is a roller coaster. There’s the good and the bad. Like most of the inspirational and motivational profiles we follow on Instagram tell us, Inhale the good and exhale the bad. Surround yourself with positive thoughts, actions and people. Learn to love and let go, to say sorry and to forgive and to take every moment as it comes. Each of us, they say, were given this life because we are strong enough to live it. Show your haters what you are really made of, stand tall and stand proud of who you are. And always keep in mind, especially the ladies, imperfections are what makes you beautiful, embrace them.

This probably did sound like a load of quotes off Tumblr, but to be honest, these are life hacks that we need to live by. Do good and good comes back to you. What’s the being successful or having enough money, your great great grandkids are sorted for, if you aren’t happy with the life you are living. Chase dreams, not people.


We here at wish you a Happy and Prosperous new year, may 2016 be filled with dream, visions and hopes and may the above tips help you come up with a resolution that you will finally stick to and adhere to. May procrastination not take the best of us.