Restaurant Reviews Punch Island Bar at Food Studio

Punch Island Bar at Food Studio

2018 Nov 14

Open Time:

10am to 10pm (weekdays), 10am to 11pm (weekends)


137, Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02


Located towards the end of the first floor; near the exit which leads to the outdoor area.


A juice bar with a variety of interesting mocktails!

Punch Island Bar is located on the first level of Colombo City Centre’s Food Studio, and is great stall to head to when chilling or hanging out with friends on a lazy day. They have quite a variety of interesting mocktails which we were excited to kick-start the day with. The drinks we received were fresh, well presented, and exceeded our expectations in the taste department.

With help from the friendly staff, we were recommended to try the:

Blueberry Sorbet – LKR 650

Arriving to our table, this dish was rich in color and topped off with mint leaves for garnish. The drink wasn’t too sour thanks to the vanilla frappe concentrate and had just the right consistency of blueberry. The Punch Island bar knows how to make a good sorbet since this drink wasn’t overloaded with ice, that usually waters down the flavor of any drink. They also provide a dessert spoon so you can enjoy the sorbet separately as well. We recommend this if you’re looking to cool off on a hot day.

Cucumber Kiwi Smoothie – LKR 750

We were a little skeptic about this drink at first but we gave it a go! And boy, was it worth it. Most smoothies have a very thick consistency that fills you up, however the Cucumber Kiwi Smoothie was incredibly smooth and light!

Apart from the texture, this drink was very refreshing and hydrating – presenting freshness that the Punch Island Bar delivers. The ingredients were a perfect balance as the sourness of the kiwi was toned down by the cucumber and king coconut water. The mint leaves gave a hint of flavor and a good punch to the drink as well, proving that healthy can be tasty!

*They also have soft drinks (frizzy drinks) and water available in case you’d prefer that instead.