Restaurant Reviews Tokyo Shokudo at Food Studio

Tokyo Shokudo at Food Studio

2018 Nov 14

Open Time:

10.30am to 10.30pm



Situated at the far right corner, next to the Punch Island bar (Food Studio - Colombo City Centre)


Japanese cuisine at the City Centre!


‘Don’ in Japanese means a rice bowl dish and this restaurant has four dishes to choose from. Each dish is served with traditional Japanese sticky rice and although the dishes were delish, there could have been a few more options on the menu. We tried two of the options and here’s what we thought:


Chicken Teriyaki Don – LKR 1100

For 1100, the portion size was quite generous!
The Chicken Teriyaki Don consisted of a generous amount of scrumptious Teriyaki chicken laid on top of a bed of well-cooked sticky rice, topped off with sesame seeds, spring onions and soy sauce for added flavor. The chicken was slightly sweet and easy to chew, coupled with the moist sticky rice. Definitely worth trying out!


Ten Don – LKR 1200


Man oh man, was this dish a sight! Once again stacked on a bed of rice, the Ten Don consists of tempura battered prawns and vegetables. The battered jumbo prawns were extremely juicy and had so much texture to it! The prawns had an extremely crispy outer layer that covered the meaty, succulent prawn meat. Surely they were the star of the dish; however the vegetables were just as fresh and crunchy! Furthermore, the sticky rice was garnished with seaweed (like most Japanese dishes), which enhanced the seafood taste in the Ten Don.


Coupled with their dishes, Tokyo Shokudo provides a side of Miso soup; a thin, light stock that serves as a great palate cleanser, to provide the same flavor you get when you have your first mouthful.
Tokyo Shokudo is a great stop if you’re at Food Studio to grab and enjoy a really good Japanese meal.


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