Spicy Mango

2021 Oct 6

Open Time:

11 am to 10 pm


No. 12, Kirulapone Ave. Colombo 05


Contact No

https://www.spicymango.lk/0774 984 534




Spicy Mango serves your typical Sri Lankan favourites with a twist, keeping what works and enhancing meal experiences on the go! The way Spicy Mango understood flavours and portion ratios was mind-blowing, down to the last detail ensuring a positive meal experience right throughout – an authentically Sri Lankan comfort food experience. Also, the food comes in sustainable and aesthetic packaging.

White Rice & Curry (Kukul Mas Curry) LKR 410

The classic RnC was a great place to start our journey! It was packed to the brim with healthy veggies and a chunky chicken piece topped off with some extra crispy papadams and chillies for that extra kick. With each bite, the freshness of the produce used in the meal was very apparent, from the sweet and tart Ambarella to the fragrant Mallum that sat well on the palette.

Spicy Mango Special – Yellow Rice & Curry with Chicken LKR 500

This colour-clad meal came with a great serving of your usual favourites: curried chicken, dhal, brinjal pahi, carrot with potato curry and pineapple salad – simple yet satisfying! These portions could comfortably accommodate two servings (as did the rest of the meals that we tried!), and the way this meal stood the delivery and transportation time while retaining its freshness, flavour and moisture is to be commended!

Sri Lankan Chicken Biryani LKR 850

Fragrant and mouth-watering from start to finish! Adding to that, there were many textures through each bite: crispy fried onions, fluffy rice, crunchy cashews, succulent and flavourful chicken, topped off with fresh raita and mango chutney. Yet again, this meal served two and was definitely great value for money.

Special Tandoor Kottu LKR 900

This was presented in 2 separate boxes: the fragrant kottu came garnished with chillies and fresh onions and accompanied by a tandoor chicken curry. From the first bite it felt different from most kottu experiences around Colombo, with subtle distinctions in flavour – this is kottu made HIP! The almost Lankan-Indian-esque similarities make for a slightly newer and fresher twist of the classic.

Chicken Nasi Goreng LKR 800

Fiery and tropical in all its glory! From presentation to textures, this meal did not come to play. The progressing levels of heat and flavour from sweet to sour to spicy, were complemented by the fresh slices of pineapple. If the assignment was “value for money”, Spicy Mango certainly got it right each time, as no one was able to finish their meals alone! With hearty servings of everything – it’s an experience that keeps on giving!

Delivery options available: Direct delivery (077 498 4534), UberEats, PickMe Food and EatMe Global.