Food Solo Bowl | Food Review

Solo Bowl | Food Review

2022 Dec 21

Open Time:

11 am - 10 pm


Only available through UberEats



Contact No

0761 384 228



A switch-up to keep those rice cravings interesting!

Rice is a big part of our food culture, and it’s a go-to in any lunch order list. But many of the options out there are all too ordinary when it comes to variety or too decadent making it somewhat difficult to keep a sustainable rotation of options. And most of us could use a switch from our usual everyday lunch packs, or even a new go-to spot that’s got a range of flavours to keep us on our toes.

Solo Bowl is Colombo’s newest player in the food delivery game with an intriguing menu that we knew we had to try! So we got a few of their signature “bowls” delivered right to us through UberEats.


Roast Chicken Biriyani – LKR 1,200 (4/5)

I would never pass up on the opportunity to dig into a biriyani for lunch, so naturally, this ended up at the top of my list. Upon my first bite I was pleasantly surprised. All the biriyani flavours were there without the fatty guilt that usually accompanies such a dish and the portion was just right for one. The chicken was nice and tender, but I wouldn’t have minded if there were a few extra pieces (because some extra protein never hurts), and the raita added a refreshing layer of flavour to keep my taste buds entertained.

Pepper Beef Bowl – LKR 950 (3.5/5)

At first glance, I was a fan of the beef-to-rice ratio! The beans complimented the meal with some much-needed green along with a boiled egg, so on the nutrition front we were good. In terms of flavour, it had a little less of a kick on my palate. All in all, I would order this again if I’m craving something more on the milder side, but would not be a go-to.

Thai Red Curry Chicken Bowl – LKR 1,550 (3/5)

Similar to the previous meal, this consisted of chicken, beans and an egg which made for an all-around simple, lovely meal. But in terms of the strong punch of flavours you’d usually expect from a Thai-inspired dish, this was more on the milder side. So if you’re looking for a Thai red curry that’s not too overwhelming with the spices, this is the perfect choice for you!

Chicken Malai Tikka Bowl – LKR 950 (4/5)

Oriental food has always had a special place in my heart, and the combination of pickles and hummus with rice sparked my interest so naturally, it ended up in my order. The chicken breast was cooked to perfection and the orange sumo sauce added a layer of complexity to create a flavour which I quite enjoyed. As expected, the pickles and the hummus were fascinating additions to the dish, and I found myself going back for more. The flavour profile was soothing and held its own for its unique preparation.

Final Thoughts

The prices at Solo Bowl are reasonable considering their menu diversity when compared to similar cloud kitchens. Their flavour profile leans more on the milder side to make sure that your mid-day meals are filling but light. The bowls present themselves in a pleasingly Instagrammable way, and the packaging and cutlery assure that you wouldn’t need any extra supplies to dig in, so it would make a convenient work or on-the-go lunch! All in all, Solo Bowl stays true to its name as a scrumptious bowl of goodness, perfect for a solo foodie.

Did You Know?

“Here’s a tip: go for their biryani and continental options, they do ‘em really well.”