Restaurant Reviews Beira Terrace & Kitchen at Courtyard by Marriott Colombo | Restaurant Review

Beira Terrace & Kitchen at Courtyard by Marriott Colombo | Restaurant Review

2023 Sep 13

Open Time:

Daily, 6.30 pm


9th floor, Courtyard by Mariott, Colombo City Centre


Located inside the Colombo City Centre, opposite the Gangarama Seema Malakaya

Contact No

0117 734 400




Must-have Dishes

Mocktails, shisha and a spectacular dinner buffet overlooking Colombo’s impressive skyline! 

Located on the ninth floor of Courtyard by Marriot Colombo at The Colombo City Centre, the Beira Kitchen serves up a fabulous feast in the form of a dinner buffet that is available daily from 6.30 pm onwards until 11 pm for LKR 6,600 nett.

Overall, we were pretty impressed by the variety of options from salads to appetisers and mains to desserts which incorporated several different types of cuisine, including Western, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Indian and Sri Lankan. Let’s dive right in!



Sushi (4/5)

A good buffet turns great as soon as we spot a sushi section. And there it was. So what better way to start? This spread of sushi consisted of fried sushi, vegetable maki, chicken katsu rolls, tuna maki and crunchy tempura rolls, which were pretty decent portions too. We especially enjoyed the fried sushi and the vegetable maki, so if you’re headed there, be sure to try these out! 

Pesto Pasta Salad (5/5)

The pesto pasta salad was our favourite of the salads that we tried and deserves a shout out of its own. Made with penne pasta cooked to perfection and thin slices of onions and bell peppers, it had a rich and flavourful pesto dressing. The salad also paired well with the delicious herb dressing and French dressing that were available at the salad corner. 

Cheese Platter (4/5)

The salad bar also contained a cheese platter that is sure to be a hit among cheese lovers! It contained a small assortment of the usual fan favourites like blue cheese, brie and soft cheddar. And to make your ideal pairing, the platter also contained red grapes, almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, dried fig and apricot slices, and dressings like tangy lemon mustard and herb dressing.



Seafood Red Curry (4.5/5)

This seafood red curry had lots of cuttlefish and nailed all the flavours of a good red curry. We would’ve loved to see a wider variety of seafood incorporated in this curry to really elevate this dish and make it a hearty bowl good enough to eat with just the rice! 

Roast Chicken with BBQ Sauce and Assorted Grilled Vegetables (3.5/5)

The roast chicken was a tad bit dry for our liking and would have been perfect if the chicken had been left with some of its cooking juices or rendered fat. The BBQ sauce was a hit! It was tangy and flavourful. The grilled veggies were not overcooked and salted to perfection. 



Raspberry Entremet (4/5)

This French dessert was complex in terms of texture and taste. It looked very much like a red velvet cake due to its bright red colour and had a soft texture almost similar to a cheesecake or mousse. Biting into this dessert was similar to biting into an actual raspberry because of its strong flavour profile – if you love your berries, you know what to try!

Umm Ali (3.5/5)

I’ve personally never had something quite like this before. This is a Middle Eastern dessert somewhat in between a bread pudding and baklava in terms of texture and flavour. Made with puff pastry instead of bread, this treat was soaked with milk, flavoured with rose water and contained nuts and raisins inside. 


MOCKTAILS (Sold separately)

Pink Maze – LKR 1,400 (5/5)

This drink contained watermelon juice, king coconut water and coconut puree, and is one of the Beira Terrace’s best-sellers. We loved the taste and the look of this mocktail! Be sure to tell the staff to go slow on the ice if you order it to make sure your drink doesn’t get watered down. 

Market Punch – LKR 1,400 (3.5/5)

The Market Punch is also a best-seller at The Beira Terrace, and it was definitely an interesting one. I like to play my drinks safe so I wasn’t too crazy about it, but it definitely peaked my curiosity. The drink contained passion fruit pulp and juice, caramel syrup and ginger beer. A bold drink for anyone who dares to try!



What we liked best about the Beira Terrace and Kitchen was the amazing view of the Beira Lake, the surrounding skyscrapers and the ocean from afar. The space sets the perfect vibe for a night out with friends for drinks, dining and their latest addition, shisha.

Shisha is available at Beira Terrace every day, 6 pm onwards. Their menu consists of classic and signature flavours — including mint (LKR 2,950) and double apple (LKR 3,450). We were told that the double apple was one of their crowd-favourites!

The indoor area, which is the Beira Kitchen, had live music and was a family-friendly environment. On weekday nights, you can expect a very laid-back experience — not too crowded or noisy. 

Did You Know?

  • The Beira Terrace has a ‘Tipsy Hour’ from 5 pm to 8 pm, with a buy one get one free offer for selected beverages. 
  • Alcoholic beverages can be ordered separately from the bar while enjoying the dinner buffet. 
  • They also have a high tea buffet from 4 pm to 6 pm daily, priced at LKR 4,000 nett.