Restaurant Reviews Taco Bell Sri Lanka

Taco Bell Sri Lanka

2017 Jul 25

Open Time:

11.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m.


36, Horton place, Col 07


Passing Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Horton Place

Contact No



Let’s Taco ‘bout it!

Walking into Taco Bell, we were blown away by the creativity that was running in this little spot! The place was a little too noisy since it was packed with people and the music was on full blast, however this could be put aside considering that it’s still new. It’s only fair that everyone has to “taco ‘bout it”. The tables look no different compared to normal chain restaurant furniture, however what did catch my eye were the hanging extensions where you could plug in any electrical device! This is a great way to maintain that Snapchat streak and not have your phone die from all the Instagram-ing!



Strawberry Mojito – Rs.250

This was absolute heaven! Topped off with fresh mint leaves, infused with freshly crushed strawberries.. I can definitely say that this has to be your go to drink when you visit Taco Bell! The drink was super fizzy and tangy, a great option to wash down the thick , cheesy food.

California Tan – Rs.200

We were a little unsure of what this drink was at first, but hey we went for it. This soda was quite interesting since it tasted slightly of beer, however, we were pretty certain that there was no alcohol involved. Non-alcoholic beer on a sunny day with some burritos, why not eh?

Irish Coffee – Rs.300

Let me tell you, this ice cream shake is easily on of the best ones I have ever tasted! No it’s not that  Irish Coffee; it’s completely booze free. It doesn’t have an overwhelming coffee taste to it which is one of the reasons it was a big winner for me. The shake is incredibly thick and creamy and can fill you up in no time! I would most definitely recommend that you order this baby when you drop by Taco Bell.



Considering that we’re major foodies, we just got right into business with the meals. Taco Bell does have a customized option where you can design your own Chalupa, Taco, Burrito or Quesadilla to suit your own preferences! Win win!

7 Layer Burrito Meal – Rs.850

I died and went to heaven after my first bite! Wrapped in tortilla, this burrito consists of incredibly good fajita chicken and a VERY generous amount of thick, creamy cheese. The Mexican fries we got with this dish was fried to perfection and seasoned with chilli powder. The fajita chicken was also well seasoned and in fact incredibly succulent.


Taco Meal – Rs.800

This dish consists of two tacos with the option of either nachos or fries on the side. As our options we selected tacos with Mexican Chicken, Crispy Chicken and nachos with a Salsa Dip. As a complementary item, the dip was out of this world! It goes with almost everything! The nachos were super crispy and blended well with the dip and boy, the tacos.. sigh

Consisting of moist, well seasoned Mexican chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise, this taco was so good! The taco biscuit was crunchy but didn’t break off as easily as I thought it would. Taco number 02 was a soft tortilla bread, that I almost mistook it for a Chalupa. This taco consisted of the crispy chicken, cheese, lettuce and mayo. The textures combined so well! The soft wrap went well with the crispy chicken and the crunchiness from the lettuce!


Burrito with Fajita Chicken & Cool Ranch Sauce

Each bite into this absolutely scrumptious burrito sent my mind on a trip! It wasn’t as loaded as the 7 Layer Burrito, but was still equally delicious. The sauce combined so perfectly well with the fajita chicken, and given that it is quite loaded with chicken and cheese, it fills you right up!


Crispy Fish Chalupa- Rs. 370

This was one of my favourites! A Chalupa is generally defined as a fried tortilla shell, in the shape of a small boat, filled with lots of flavorful ingredients. This crispy fish chalupa was exactly that; loaded with iceberg lettuce, cheese and that delicious crunchy strip of fish. 


Cheese Quesadilla- Rs. 500

Cheesy H-E-A-V-E-N! Like every other dish that Taco Bell has to offer, this absolutely fills you up.


Naked Burrito Bowl- Rs. 650

Forget about having rice and curry for lunch; this burrito bowl will have you wanting this dish everyday! It is jam-packed with rice, salsa, fajita veggies, fajita chicken, and ooey-gooey cheese. It’s probably the best thing you’ll ever have.


Loaded Nachos with Mexican Chicken- Rs. 750

This is NACHO ordinary nachos!!! As you can see, it is actually loaded with Mexican Chicken, cheese, jalapenos, fajita veggies and comes with a delicious dollop of sour cream!



For those of you who want to try a bit of everything for your first time, worry not! Taco Bell offers platters that consists of a mix of a few things off their menu! Although meant to be for a set of people, I’m sure they won’t judge if you choose to have a platter all to yourself 😉

Assorted Platter – Rs.950

This item consists of strips of crispy chicken, cheesy nachos and incredibly flavorsome Fajita Chicken Quesadillas. The nachos were bathed in cheese, topped off with dices of onions and tomatoes. The crunch from the nachos, the smoothness of the cheese and the acidity from the tomato and onions blended so well! The crispy chicken was incredibly crispy on the outside and quite moist on the inside. Not to mention the ridiculously cheesy Quesadillas with chunks of mouth watering Fajita Chicken!

The portion sizes are well worth the money especially considering that the Taco Bell down Horton Place is the first of its kind. We ordered simply 3 items off the menu and were so stuffed that we couldn’t even make it to desserts! Don’t let that stop you from trying it out though!



Chocodillas – Rs.200

The cute little chocolate filled quesadillas were the perfect bites to top off our monstrous lunch. The filling, we were told, was made from melted chocolate chips. The cocoa on your taste buds tasted so rich and I am honestly so glad we finished off with these! 

Tip: Definitely go for the 7 layer burrito if you like to stuff your mouth with cheese!