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How to Have a Fabulous Summer in Sri Lanka

2017 Jul 25

What better place to spend summer in, than a country which experiences the sun all throughout the year.  Better yet we’re an island, making it the ultimate summer destination. We’ve got it all; surf, sand and sun! Here are a few ways in which you can be guaranteed of having a fabulous summer in Sri Lanka.

  1. Use Sunblock

Whether you are out to get a tan or having fun under the sun always wear sun block because it can either make you look 50 shades of brown or like Ross when he gets the spray tan on only one side of his body! Trust me you don’t want to end up looking like that throughout the rest of the holidays and trying to even out such tans will only waste your time

2. Stay Hydrated

Drinking adequate water is essential if you’re going to be soaking up the sun throughout the day as the heat can be unbearable at times especially now as the sun is directly over the island. You don’t want your day to be ruined by headaches and dehydration so drink plenty of water

3. We all scream for ice cream!!! (unless you’re Ross  from friends)

Nothing like cool, flavoured, sweet, yummy ice cream to beat the heat with. Lately, there are many ice cream brands all over the island such as Rio ice cream, Pedlar’s Inn, Carnival, Elephant House, Cargills etc that provide great quality ice cream. Ice cream in Sri Lanka has always been great and constantly manages to come up with unique flavours that we Sri Lankans enjoy such as kithul pani, karutha kolumban and jaggery to name a few. So give it a try!

4. Ain’t no mountain high enough

We are blessed with mountainous areas that can be conquered, be it Dambulla, Sigiriya, Knuckles, Adam’s Peak etc. The views from each mountain are spectacular in their own right and since summer encourages outdoor activities what better activity than mountain climbing/ hiking? It can be strenuous but the view makes it all worth it plus you get a free work out (we know you need an excuse not to visit the gym).

5. Do go chasing waterfalls

Where there are mountains there are waterfalls and there is nothing more calming or magnificent than looking at water gushing from as high as the heavens all the way down. If you’re lucky you might be able to actually have a bath in the cool, pure water (or as we like to call it diya elle nema) making singing in the shower boring when compared with singing under a waterfall surrounded by wildlife. Ella seems to be the ultimate destination at the moment.

6. Other Local hotspots

The great thing about Sri Lanka is that there are many places to experience typical island-related stuff such as whale watching in Kalpitiya, visiting the jungle beach off Mirissa, surfing in Arugam Bay, jet skiing in the South to name but a few. These are ideal little getaways for that perfect summer experience and nothing screams summer than these activities.

7. Let’s go to the beach, each, let’s go getaway

Being an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean provides us with many beaches to swim in, chill on and most importantly catch magnificent, Instagram-worthy sunsets on. The Galle beach may have the clearest water you may ever see but swimming isn’t ideal due to the rocks and its strong current; however, the Mirissa beach is a different story as it is ideal for swimming and jet skiing whilst beaches in the East are good for surfing. Ideally one should choose the beaches based on the activities available to avoid disappointment.

8. Catch a match

Granted there is nothing specifically ‘summer’ about a match but it is the backbone of most Sri Lanka and there is nothing more exhilarating than being in a stadium with 1000 other fans, sweating and cheering while you attempt to do the Mexican Wave successfully all whilst trying to get on t.v AND catch the attention of one of the cricketers. It is truly a unique experience and in a way a Sri Lankan influenced summer.

9. Experience Sri Lanka for what it is

Each country has things unique to them, so does Sri Lanka whose only season happens to be summer.  Certain fruits are available only during specific months so don’t forget to try them. Such as rambuttan, mangosteen, durian, jumbu to name a few as that capture the true essence of Sri Lanka.

Perahera’s are also a distinct characteristic of Sri Lanka with the Esala perahera being the more prominent one. It is quite a spectacle watching fire-eaters and Kandyan dancers go in procession and is an event not to be missed.

Hope these tips help you have a fabulous Sri Lankan summer!!!