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Kaffi Colombo | Restaurant Review

2022 Oct 30

Open Time:

Every day from 8 am - 6 pm (Including Poya days)


Crescat Boulevard (G9) - No. 89 Colombo - Galle Main Road, Colombo 03


Walk ahead from the Crescat entrance and take the escalator down to the ground floor. Kaffi is located to your right.

Contact No

0117 743 062



Must-have Dishes

The best Nordic-style bakery in Colombo

In the midst of Colombo lies a little slice of Nordic culture. Kaffi is a Nordic bakery and coffee house that serves homemade meals, treats and an array of heavenly beverages. They have embraced ‘Fika’ and ‘Lagom’, which are Nordic cultural concepts. These emphasise allocating time in the day for leisurely engaging with friends and colleagues over a cuppa or warm coffee, along with a little something to eat.

Kaffi prioritises sourcing ingredients like coffee and matcha from Sri Lankan vendors. They follow this standard business practice in all their three branches located in Colombo, Arugam Bay and Ahangama.

Loyalty card holders at Kaffi can enjoy some awesome perks and deals at all their branches.



Sunshine Bun – LKR 550 (5/5) 

The Sunshine bun is a traditional Norwegian treat that includes cinnamon, sugar and (delightfully) custard. This bun had the flavour and texture of a soft cinnamon roll, but with creamy custard in the middle. This was hands down one of the best baked goods at Kaffi, and it was completely worth the price too, because it was quite filling. I’d come back to Kaffi just to try this again.

Almond Cookie (Vegan and Gluten free) – LKR 380 (5/5)

I’ll admit it isn’t the easiest to find vegan and gluten-free food options, which is why it’s great to see bakeries like Kaffi in the heart of Colombo. The almond cookie was soft and chewy, with the perfect balance of sweetness. Half of it was dipped in dark chocolate making it very aesthetic as well. I only had the vegan cookie, but there are more plant-based items for all you vegans out there!


Toast Skagen – LKR 1,600 (5/5)

Toast Skagen is typically served as a Swedish appetiser, but Kaffi serves it as a full meal. The filling consisted of shrimp bound with mayonnaise, herbs and crunchy veggies atop some decadent sourdough bread! The sourdough bread in particular was crunchy, but not dry or bland. There was so much flavour packed into this meal that anyone would enjoy. Definitely save this for a must-have dish at Kaffi.


Brekkie Bagel – LKR 1,000 (4/5)

The Brekkie bagel is the perfect quick breakfast you can grab before leaving for work. The bagel at Kaffi was grilled on both sides and contained a filling of cheese, egg and slices of pepper beef. Going with the theme of Nordic-styled cuisine, this meal was not spicy and packed with flavour like a usual breakfast that you and I would have as Sri Lankans. However, you may request a spicier seasoning if that’s what your tastebuds crave.


French Toast – LKR 900 (5/5)

In my opinion, depending on the bread used, French toast can be either terribly banal or extraordinarily decadent. The toasted bread at Kaffi was thankfully moist and well-seasoned with cinnamon. With two chunky slices of toast, the dish was very filling and I enjoyed every bite.



Salted Caramel Nut Brownie – LKR 550 (5/5)

This dessert had very interesting ingredients that complemented each other very well. It contained a generous serving of crushed almonds and walnuts that were sprinkled onto a thick layer of caramel. A gooey brownie was the final layer. Although salted caramel nut brownies are popular, a dessert with this flavour and richness is hard to find. Definitely try it out if you have the chance.



Cafe Bonbom – LKR 600 (5/5)

This drink was one of the more delectable coffees I’ve had. Made with a shot of espresso and sweetened condensed milk, it really did the trick in giving me a caffeine boost! It also maintained the perfect balance between the sweetened condensed milk and the bitter caffeine. This drink is definitely the ideal concoction to sip on while getting some work done!


Matcha Latte – LKR 600 (5/5)

This Matcha Latte made me feel like I was living out of Pinterest. Yet it wasn’t its aesthetically pleasing look alone that made me happy. It definitely tasted as good as it looked. Sourced right from Sri Lanka, the matcha was earthy and rich in texture and tasted like it was right out of a coffee shop in Japan!


Iced Choc – LKR 600 (4/5)

The Iced Choc was your typical iced coffee. It was refreshing and had the perfect milk-to-caffeine ratio. It even looked terrific because the glass had a perfect ombre effect from the milky white of the milk to the deep brown coffee.



Kaffi definitely emanates the aesthetic feel of a cute roadside bakery somewhere in the Nordic region. There were three main seating arrangements; the public indoor seating area near the entrance, the indoor seating area inside the bakery and the outdoor seating area right outside the back entrance. There’s ample privacy in all three seating locations, making it a good study or work spot.

The servers Ranga, Shakir and Sabeetha were also really friendly and took the time to talk to me, despite having a busy day serving everyone else at Kaffi.

Overall, we had a fantastic time at Kaffi and enjoyed amazingly good food and good company with their friendly staff. Do try this spot the next time you’re in the mood for some yummy baked goods and cosy beverages.