Restaurant Reviews Virticle by Jetwing | Restaurant Review

Virticle by Jetwing | Restaurant Review

2022 Sep 9

Open Time:

07:00 pm - 11:00 pm (Restaurant) | 05:00 onwards (Bar)


No. 278/4, Access Towers South, Union Place, Colombo 02


On the 30th Floor of Access Towers 2 (South Tower)

Contact No

0707 355 355


Must-have Dishes

An exceptional dinner with an exceptional view!

Virticle by Jetwing is the new and improved fine dining restaurant and bar, previously called Elevate. Now with a vision to reinvent fine dining, while catering to Sri Lanka’s vibrant nightlife, Verticle has an outdoor cocktail area as well as an intimate area for fine dining with homegrown ingredients.

There’s also a range of special deals and promotions that anyone would want to get their hands on. The Happy Hour at Virticle is there from Monday through Saturday where there’s a 50% off from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm on selected cocktails.

There’s also an exciting deal for local and foreign spirits. This includes getting 4 chases and a combo platter when buying a foreign bottle and getting 4 chases for a local bottle.

Last but not least, there’s also an exclusive members lounge deal. While Virticle is closed for the public on Sundays, it is available for private events. A buffet seated style event can hold up to 150 people whereas the cocktail and members lounge areas can hold approximately 250 and 40 people respectively.


The Appetisers

Combo Platter – LKR 2,200 (5/5)

Consists of onion rings, potato wedges, pork cutlets and chicken lollipops. This platter was the perfect combination of all your favourite finger food. The crispy onion rings and potato wedges were something anyone could enjoy leisurely whereas the pork cutlets and chicken lollipops were packed with flavour and were so good that we practically finished them within a matter of minutes. The chicken lollipops in particular were really flavourful.


Roasted Cauliflower and Chili Peanut Soup – LKR 1,500 (5/5)

Although the restaurant at Verticle is primarily a fine dining restaurant, it also serves amazing comfort meals. The cauliflower soup was thick and creamy, so it was the perfect way to start off the night. There was also an aftertaste of peanuts in every bite, which was something unique.


Octopus and Pomelo Salad – LKR 2,400 (4/5)

All the homegrown leafy veggies added a nice crunch to our meal. The octopus itself was chewy and well-seasoned. The addition of fresh avocado in particular plays a big part in offsetting the tangy flavour of the vinegar, which I thought creates a nice, balanced flavour. If you’re not a fan of the tangy vinegar taste, then opt out of this one, but if you are, then you’re in for a treat!


The Mains

Pork Belly – LKR 2,800 (5/5)

This dish gives you the best of both worlds because you feel like you’re having comfort food, but you’re actually fine dining. This simple dish has both a soft, creamy texture from the mash potato and a nice, chewy texture from the pork. The golden brown caramelised onions and vibrant purple beets add colour to the dish and make it pleasing to the eyes. However, that’s not all it does because it tastes just as good as it looks.


Barramundi – LKR 2,800 (5/5)

The pan fried Barramundi was served alongside a large tapioca cutlet, braised leeks and homemade dipping sauce. This dish was one of my favourites because it had a tender base and a chewy skin. The cutlet was definitely a love at first bite moment for me, because it had an audible crunch and amazing flavour. Virticle definitely pays attention to the little details because even the dipping sauce was rich in flavour. Overall this dish is ideal for all you seafood lovers.


Tamarind Chicken Burger – LKR 1,900 (5/5)

Things may get a bit messy with this dish, but it’s definitely worth the taste. This juicy burger was served with some French fries and caramelised onions. The melted cheese and fresh veggies elevated the dish and made it more refined. This too was one of my favourite dishes because it was fun having a casual meal at a fancy restaurant – although the taste and quality of the burger are what set it apart from just any other place.


The Desserts

Cheesecake – LKR 1,800 (5/5)

They really did save the best for last because this cheesecake was exquisite! The presentation of this dish was as surprising as its taste, because I’ll admit, I didn’t know it was a cheesecake until I took a bite. The fine dining experience at Virticle shines through with this dish because it included bits of ginger and lime in it as well. This is the perfect dish to indulge in when the night is coming to an end.


Ginger Pudding – LKR 1,400 (4.5/5)

The unlikely fusion of flavours didn’t stop at the cheesecake, and I for one am glad! This pudding includes all your favourite Sri Lankan ingredients, and they are all homegrown! The pineapple was definitely the sweetest component in the dish, but when paired with ice cream, you can’t go wrong.


Ginger Ice Cream – LKR 1,400 (5/5)

Virticle’s homemade ginger ice cream was the perfect palate cleanser to end the night. It was sweet and refreshing and everything you’d want in your dessert.


The Drinks

Sunstroke – LKR 1,500 (5/5)

The name of the beverage perfectly encapsulates the feeling you get when you first take a sip. Sunstroke includes diced up pieces of mango and is served with some optional chilli, if you want to spice up your drink. However, in my opinion, this drink has all the kick it needs because of the rum.


Summer’s Snap – LKR 1,500 (4/5)

This drink was the most aesthetically pleasing drink because it has a lovely purple hue. This is definitely something you’d want to take a snap of and post on social media, because it’s unlike any other. The taste was refreshing because it incorporates spices we Sri Lankans are no strangers to. Cardamom, cinnamon, star anise cloves and various other spices dominated this drink and paired very well with the gin in it.


Caffeinated – LKR 2,500 (4/5)

This drink is not something you’d expect when fine dining, but I guess Virticle is redefining what that means. Topped with cream and including elements of both caffeine and whiskey, this drink will set you in the perfect mood. Maybe it was the fierce taste of caffeine, or maybe even the ginger biscuits served beside it, but something about this drink reminded me of Christmas!


The Ambiance

The ambiance at Virticle is a 3 in 1; the perfect chill out spot with friends, a romantic place for a date night and a classy fine dining space to treat yourself. With a perfect eagle eye view of the emerald Beira Lake and the iridescent Indian Ocean, Virticle is the perfect spot for whichever occasion.

I came to Virticle just in time to see the sun setting over Colombo, which was an ideal way to start off the evening. Virticle by Jetwing is without a doubt one of the best locations in Colombo with picturesque views of our jungle city. The staff was also very friendly. Our server for the evening was Roshan, and he was very helpful in telling us how the dishes were made.


Did You Know?

Virticle offers:

  • Happy Hour everyday other than Sunday
  • Special deals for foreign and local spirits
  • Special offers for Members Lounge