KindleLeaf Highly anticipated releases from June to August

Highly anticipated releases from June to August

2017 May 22

From new authors to our popular favourites, there are a number of exciting books readers will look forward to this year. The mid-year period of 2017 promises a number of enthralling books, many by young and new authors whose bold voices will set the tone for this new age of literature.

  1. What We Lose – Zinzi Clemmons

A debut novel from a promising author, ‘What We Lose’ is a stunning and emotionally powered coming of age story, of a young African-American woman, grappling with her own identity, and learning how to live after losing her mother. Clemmons is certainly a breath of fresh air, and her debut novel will certainly be something different to watch out for.

Release date: July 11

  1. Stephen Florida – Gabe Habash

Habash’s novel centres on the senior year of an ambitious college wrestler who is determined to win a national championship. With an uncanny portrayal of the perspective, life, and character of a young man, the author depicts the obsession, loneliness and compellingly strange nature of the protagonist’s character.

Release date: June 6

  1. Magpie Murders – Anthony Horowitz

From this bestselling and immensely popular author, comes a brilliant and classic murder mystery novel, ingeniously weaved into the modern-day world. The story is built around a bestselling author, Alan Conway, and his latest manuscript which reveals another story amongst its pages – that of real-life jealousy, ambition, and murder. A stunningly different novel, ‘Magpie Murders’ is undoubtedly clever and bestows a dark perspective on English crime fiction.

Release date: June 6

  1. The Child – Fiona Barton

A thrilling mystery tale, which begins when journalist Kate Waters cobbles together a story of a tiny skeleton unearthed in an old house in London. Mystified, Waters unearths connections to a crime which took place decades earlier and finds herself caught in the lives of three women, amidst secrets she cannot tell.

Release date: June 27

  1. Camino Island – John Grisham

Grisham’s novels are incredibly well-known, thus his newest is eagerly anticipated. A gang of thieves stage a daring heist from a secure vault deep below Princeton University’s Firestone Library. A struggling novelist is offered to go undercover and infiltrate the inner circle of Bruce Cable, a bookstore owner dabbling in the black marker. The mystery and adventure unfold in true John Grisham fashion.

Release date: June 6

  1. The Diplomat’s Daughter – Karin Tanabe

Tanabe’s novel is a captivating tale of three young people divided by the horrors of World War II, and their journey back to one another. For fans of the ‘Orphan Train’, and ‘All the Light We Cannot See’, this is a perfect read.

Release date: July 11

  1. The Alice Network – Kate Quinn

This highly anticipated historical novel revolves around two women – a female spy who is recruited to the real-life Alice Network in France in World War I and an unconventional American socialite searching for her cousin in 1947. A mesmerising story of courage and redemption awaits, in the chaotic swirls of the two wars this world will never forget.

Release date: June 6

  1. The Life She Was Given – Ellen Marie Wiseman

A bold and daring novel about family secrets, imprisonment, and two strong women, ‘The Life She Was Given’ is set in a travelling circus of the Depression-era and the 1950’s. In this unique and spellbinding novel, a woman eventually discovers strength and friendship, while another attempts to uncover the mysteries and horrors of a painful past.

Release date: July 25

  1. The Last Tudor – Philippa Gregory

This historical novel features Lady Jane Grey and her two sisters, each of whom dared to defy the queen. For faith and love, each of these girls defied and earned the enmity of Elizabeth I, in tales lesser known. The fascinating stories of the Tudor girls has been penned by Gregory, one of the most prominent historical fiction authors of all time, and is certainly eagerly awaited.

Release date: August 8

  1. The Answers – Catherine Lacey

Lacey’s novel focuses on a young woman, desperate for a cure for her paralysing pain, who finds a treatment she can’t afford. In order to pay for it, she joins the “Girlfriend Experiment”, a project in which various women are recruited to create the perfect romantic relationship, learning more about herself along the way.

Release date: June 6