2021 Dec 20

Open Time:

11 am – 11 pm


No. 465/4, Athurugiriya Road, Malabe


Contact No

0117 775 888




Must-have Dishes

Life is too short for boring food!

That’s why we totally recommend Ryan’s Malabe to everyone who loves to make their food experiences adventurous. This beautiful, cozy restaurant is ideal for families, corporate dining and even a friends’ night out. This being our first visit to Ryan’s Malabe, we were amazed at how spacious the restaurant was. The first half of our time, we spent near the swimming pool at Ryan’s feeling the cold breeze of the night, and the dinner was served inside. The food looked mesmerising that we started to dig in fast.




BBQ Chicken Wings (LKR 890)

Just the sight of the dish was mouthwatering. With colourful bell peppers garnishing the dish, the BBQ wings looked Juicy and delicious. And yes, they proved to be so too. The wings were moist and absolutely mind blowing. The sauce complemented the wings and had the right amount of sweetness to it. The portion was large enough for 2 people.  Hands down near perfection.




Chicken Parmigiana (LKR 1,250)

A must try for all the chicken and cheese lovers. The crunch on the outside had me hooked on it. The inside was soft and moist, and we could feel a tinge of herb flavours rushing through our taste buds. My next bite was a cheesy one. A crunchy piece of chicken with melted mozzarella cheese and the right amount of herbs – it was absolutely to die for. Even the French fries were seasoned well. The only thing we could complain about was the salad, which was a smaller portion than we expected.




Knickerbocker Glory (LKR 390)

Who doesn’t love fruit salad with ice cream? At Ryan’s we got the fancier version of the good old ice cream with fruits. Freshly cut up fruits with ice cream topped with blueberry syrup giving the dessert a delicious twist. The dessert was very filling, and we totally recommend it after a light main course.




Blueberry Mojito (LKR 490)

Both of the drinks we had were absolutely DELICIOUS! The Blueberry Mojito was refreshing and soothing. The flavours of mint, blueberry and a touch of lime complemented each other so well that anybody would keep asking for more. Now you know what to do when you are around Malabe during a hot sunny day!


Ryans Achcharu (LKR 490)

Well well well, didn’t expect that coming. Out of everything I tried at Ryan’s, this would be my favourite. Rest assured, childhood memories of eating the typical achcharu would come flooding back to you with your first sip. We could taste the original spiciness of the achcharu, and we absolutely loved the combination of sweet, sour and spicy flavours.




There is plenty of room for you to dine and chill out with a group. The family area isn’t open still, but once it does, the place would be even better. You can choose a place to dine according to your preference – by the pool, inside the restaurant or even on the upstairs balcony.

The inside of the restaurant is a little too dark and the lights were too dim for a good photo, but that happens to be their theme. Talking about the staff, they were very friendly and welcoming. Apart from the food, that was one thing I found amazing about Ryan’s.




If you ever visit Ryan’s, be sure to order Ryan’s Achcharu. IT’S A MUST!